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  • Issue 84 / November - December 2011

    My Sadness

    Barbara Koerth

    It is as though my world is a blur
    I can't seem to make things make sense
    Nothing makes sense
    It's like a snow globe
    Shaken and stirred
    In comparison to the flakes
    Everything is disarray
    My mind is a mess
    I toss and I turn
    I can't sleep
    I can't eat
    It has been 3 days now
    I feel lost
    I feel alone
    There are people around
    There are people home
    Tears fall from my blue eyes
    I can't make them stop
    They fall with a pin drop
    I can't recall when I last laughed
    I hurt inside
    I want it all to go away
    The pain
    The fear
    The tears
    I look in the mirror
    What do I see
    A shell of me
    I see a little glimpse
    Of who I once was
    I see sadness
    I don't see the real me
    Time to get ready
    Can't let the world see
    Hide my sadness
    Hide it with makeup
    And false smiles
    Be the pretty girl
    The one everyone adores
    Not the one you don't share
    Only some see her
    This charade never ends
    My love never dies
    My tears I will hide
    I must go outside
    The world is waiting

    Barbara Koerth is a freelance writer and has written published poetry and continues to do so. She lives in the Houston area with her husband and children. She is currently studying Psychology.


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