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  • Issue 116 / March - April 2017

    Being on the Way: A Bouquet of Thoughts on the Path to the Divine

    M. Fethullah Gulen

    The most vibrant lights that reflect on the hills of the heart of a deep soul make themselves more perceptible during moments of contemplation and introspection; during moments of deep thought about one's journey. Having been created according to the standards of this world, the human being is in need of the utmost caution, self-assurance, meticulousness, and determination in order to be able to turn toward his Creator, to constantly grow closer to Him despite great distances. Though nearly every single person may have a basic and simple opinion about such an important journey, it is still necessary to have faith in the tracking of those individuals whose only consideration is the guidance of humankind. It is important to follow in their footsteps, and to always run towards the ultimate goal by attaching one’s self to the incentives behind one’s actions that are so pivotal to be able to complete this journey without any trouble, for the journey is most advantageous for those who reach their goal and disastrous for those who break down along the way.

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