Literature & Languages

  • Issue 116 / March - April 2017

    Dad and Luna Park

    Abdulkadir Korucuk

    Those were the days when we barely made ends meet. When we
    went to Luna Park, we watched other people as they rode bumper cars and the Ferris
    wheel. They laughed and had fun. We would not join them. My father would
    insist, but we couldnÔÇÖt; we knew he couldnÔÇÖt afford much. We enjoyed just being
    there, and our inexpensive amusement made our dad so pleased that we could see
    on his face the relief hidden in his soul.

    Whenever our father was upset, we would ask him to take us
    to Luna Park, and he would. We never took any of the rides; not the cars, nor
    the wheel we adored watching so much. But it would make dad happy again. All
    the troubles plaguing his mind would be gone. Perhaps he was thinking how funny
    we were, and as he silently chuckled to himself he was forgetting his distress.
    Perhaps he was being proud of our rather early display of maturity.

    Whenever our father was upset, we would take him to Luna
    Park, not the other way around.


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