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    Fethullah Gülen Is One of the Most Distinguished Islamic Scholars of Our Century

    Shaykh Muhammad Fathi Hijazi

    Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, said, “Scholars are heirs of the prophets.”

    Islamic intellectual, the honorable Fethullah Gülen, is one of the
    distinguished scholars of our century. He is one of Allah’s blessings for us.
    When we look at his personal life, his social life, and his services to the
    Islamic world, we only see his good deeds. With his notion of service, which
    hasn’t only been restricted to the Islamic world but has spread to 160
    countries, Mr. Gülen has had an extraordinarily positive impact.

    We’ve read Mr. Gülen’s books and have gotten to
    know him through his friends and his followers. As opposed to what some people
    keep repeating, we have not seen anything even hinting at terrorism in any part
    of his life.

    This man lives a life – alhamdulillah - in close
    connection with Allah, which leads to a reconciliation with the hearts of the
    people surrounding him.

    When hearts are reconciled and gathered around
    the love of Allah, people will be honored with Allah’s gratification and
    blessing, and they will start doing everything for the sake of Allah.

    When we look at the people around him, the
    scholars, tradesmen, and people from different levels of life, we see them live
    their lives according to our Prophet’s Sunnah and life. 

    As I mentioned earlier, we have never seen or
    known anything about Mr. Gülen except for the way he has helped people grow
    closer to Allah. All we have seen is how he reconciles hearts and helps them prepare
    to appear before Allah.

    This is how we know Mr. Gülen. And we’ve never
    seen any single indication of terrorism in any of his books. Such an allegation
    cannot be true for him or people around him.

    This is my testimony about Mr. Gülen. May Allah
    help us, may He bestow comprehension and understanding on all who accuse him. I
    pray Allah that my testimony will be considered among my and Mr. Gülen’s good deeds
    on the Day of Judgment.

    Mr. Gülen sees the whole of humanity – Muslims and
    non-Muslims – as his children, and he works to reconcile hearts, trying to
    bring together all humanity as humble servants to Allah.

    I have seen him in Turkey. He was preaching as
    he was crying and saying, “Some people are claiming that I will found a state
    and I am after a sultanate.” But then he added, “Who am I to do these things?
    These are untrue claims. My life is evident.”

    We know
    Mr. Gülen’s life itself has ruled out these claims. 

    To be clear, he put forward his beliefs with his
    deeds. May Allah’s help and assistance be with him.

    This is a transcript of a video by Spectra Media (December 6, 2015). Published with permission.


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