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  • Issue 113 / September - October 2016

    From Finite to Infinity

    Samina Farooq

    Think of all the things you wanted but couldn't have

    All the things you could have but didn't want

    The bundle of good deeds you amassed

    You wished to show them off, but didn't flaunt

    You lie not while joking or fighting, but when right

    You didn't do good for the temporary reward

    You did not submit to false associations or pride

    All you sought was the pleasure of your Lord

    You were a slave by choice

    To a master who deserved the best

    Yet He demanded nothing but your heart,

    Damaged but repaired with regrets

    You didn't sell your soul for a small price

    You saved it until the market was high

    And you sold it to the best buyer

    Whose mercy welcomed you to Paradise

    You were pleased with your Lord

    And the faith He chose for you

    You raced for His forgiveness

    Sticking to hard work, submission, and what was true 

    You fulfilled your obligations, and were kind, too

    You couldn't give much but constantly gave your best

    You were grateful to God no matter what

    And you kept no grudges in your chest

    You devoted your youth to the One

    In solitude, you shed all your precious tears

    You treated everyone with respect

    And as a volunteer, looked after an orphan 

    You promoted good and forbade bad

    Yet you never judged anyone

    You followed a path in your quest for knowledge

    But your parents, you never shunned

    You restrained your gaze, even locked your tongue

    You caged your thoughts and counted each breath fall

    So now your soul is free in a body unbounded by death

    As you never considered minor sins so small

    So now you enter as a VIP, while everyone waits

    You step in and already know your home

    A private palace of jewels with no noise or rent

    Purely customized to be your dome

    You're surprised how it's exactly what you love

    Intricacy in each, and everything so bold

    Royally placed, silver doors and bricks of gold

    Without the excessive heat or the bitter cold

    You see golden butterflies fluttering around a tree outside

    So you travel beneath the shade of its glory for 100 years 

    Colors your eyes have never seen

    You start sweating musk at whatever that appears

    Scenery being painted in front of you as you think

    In lush green gardens, you ride your park

    Suspended there thinking, Is this all mine?

    Even when my report card had many red marks?

    Now think of never having to feel hunger and stress

    Never feeling intensity of pain inconceivable by the brain

    All the truths unravel and it's all clear at once:

    No arguments to prove who's sane or insane

    No regrets, no waiting, no hatred or discrimination

    No sorrow or fatigue; no wanting to catch a wink.

    Boredom is a word you simply forget

    Wishing that your eye would now never blink 

    What you seek is what you see and hear

    Smelling the best and thinking the rest.

    A world of perfection, with nothing to fear

    It couldn't get any better, yet you got the best

    You squint at the special upper abodes

    Far away from you, shining like bright stars

    You keep thinking you couldn't ever reach them

    Until you get upgraded from where you are

    Maybe you had daughters that you treated so well

    Maybe your children died and your patience pulled you up

    Maybe you died with them, never bidding peace farewell

    Sticking to your testimony as the last words for a ticket above

    The good character you taught your kids and their prayers

    Added to your deeds, even after death

    Maybe you never had kids, yet you collected

    So much charity that you were out of breath

    Maybe some among your pious mates are up there

    They want you with them in the Garden

    You couldn't be happier for the blood you shared

    Or maybe they were from the friends you chose

    You go up there and are filled with awe

    For you never imagined such beauty ever existed

    Suddenly you see all the prophets gathered

    Facing each other on raised thrones, coexisting

    Surrounded by gold trees and soil more fragrant than musk

    With pebbles underneath of ruby, pearl, and sapphire

    Dressed in gold embroidered, fine green silk attire

    Eating together: delicious food and fruits, melting in the mouth

    Around them, servants revolve like scattered pearls

    With never fading youth and cushions lined on stage

    They have access to celebrities not surrounded by security

    Adam, Moses, Jesus, and Muhammad; all the same age

    You rush to them in excitement, and suddenly

    Moses parts the sea with his staff

    Your pace suddenly slows down, to absorb the grandeur;

    You had to close your eyes to even imagine this

    But now it’s a reality, your eyes wide open

    Never did 4D have so many dimensions

    Your overloaded senses make your heart burst

    As your mind is stampeded with 1000 questions

    The Seal of Messengers greet, taking your name

    And you can't decide whether to cry or faint with glee

    So you just stand with them, shoulder to shoulder

    And pray as he leads

    The river of emotions flows through your veins

    But a drenched soul can't express your gratitude

    The tides of rapture bring a hurricane inside you

    The soul soars high, with your heartbeats engulfed

    You ask for the staff from Moses

    And rush to your mates to show off your delight

    In your way you find Solomon

    You ask for his winged horse and take it for a flight

    You join the Angels and holy ones

    Flying like green birds with freedom

    You fill the cup at hand, with a delicious drink

    Right from the flowing spring of Eden

    You look down and see adorable babies around Abraham

    Mountains humming along with the rhythm of David

    You never heard a melody so beautiful

    As more hypnotizing voices join in the mood

    All your life you thought of meeting these ancestors in heaven

    The ones who sacrificed their lives for your faith to be strong

    Their efforts were what made it easy for you

    You owed them a token of thanks all along

    "Was it a woman with a smile?

    When her hands and feet were pierced by nails?

    Or was it a man, thrown into fire

    When he didn't put his faith on sale?"

    The reward of those who suffered in the world

    Made you yearn for your skin to be sliced

    Now that they find delight in their past miseries

    You hear their sad stories with a smile

    Above all earthly cares they now soar

    Beyond the hurts they patiently endured

    You watch light flow from broken hearts

    Maybe you're one of them

    Suddenly you're interrupted by a magical voice

    Which is even better than what you have heard before

    The voice of your Creator addressing you                              

    He'll show Himself clear, like a full moon's wash

    Goosebumps cover your skin in anticipation

    And you hold your breath till you see His face

    You feel like shouting at the top of your lungs

    Glorified You are, when He uncovers His grace 

    And you whisper to yourself: “Praise be to the One,

    My Master didn't let me be influenced by them

    Those who said there was no God, or heaven or hell;

    If only they had a heart attached to a brain stem.

    If only they could see what I'm seeing right now! 

    Their doubts wouldn't have ever rid them of hope,

    Hope of being able to see the invisible. 

    But womb to dust was their only known globe."

    You have every desire at your fingertips 

    Yet you want to do nothing but quietly stare

    At One who's guidance directed your soul

    It’s like you're new yet you, but enraptured

    You don't feel like going to the heavenly market anymore

    For your beauty is enhanced with just a glance

    Seeing Moses looking at His Lord without fainting

    You just circulate in infinite loops of a euphoric trance

    A single life seed you sowed and

    Reaped into forever more

    Each and every wish granted;

    In fulfillment, you run out of more

    Wanting this all will never end

    So an end will be put to death forever

    So much joy that you could just die,

    But death has died forever

    Never before were dreams so real

    Never again can reality be more

    Never before was ecstasy such

    And never again can life be most

    My imagination is made up of what I know

    It doesn't go beyond my thoughts

    So I wait in serenity till that day comes

    When reality will connect all the dots

    The test is here and the results there

    Do you just dream or do you strive?

    For time is running out, and the price is high

    A limited offer, but worth a life

    Or more...


    Note: The poem has been inspired by a beautiful Jannah poem by Ammar Alshukry.


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