• Issue 2017 / Special 2017

    Hizmet Embraces the Entire Human Family

    Imam Omar Shakir

    I'm saddened to hear that the Hizmet Movement here is being
    categorized as a terror group. 

    I've been working with them now for the past
    eight years. I've had an opportunity to work closely with them and to travel
    with them overseas, and I see no foundation for this. 

    As a matter of fact, when I look at their zeal
    and their enthusiasm for the religion, and I look at how they practice the
    Qur'an and the life example of Muhammad the Prophet (upon him be peace), I'm
    inspired by what they do. 

    And they not only focus and center upon Muslims,
    they have great relationships with the non-Muslim community. And I would
    consider them to be like ambassadors for Islam. 

    They share Ramadan, they share neighborly needs,

    Muhammad the Prophet (upon him be peace) said he
    was one time talking with one of his companions, and he asked them if he knew
    one of the brothers. And then, he said, “Yes, I know so and so.”


    And then the Prophet (upon him be peace) said, “Well, let me
    ask you something about him. Have you worked with him?”


    He said, “No.”


    “Have you traveled with him?”


    He said, “No.”


    the Prophet (upon him be peace) said, “Well, then you don't know him.”

    I'm pleased to say that I've worked with our
    brothers, and I have traveled with them. And I know them well.

    And to classify them as terrorists in any form
    is a great misrepresentation.  

    The other thing that I want to say is that they
    are very loyal and very patriotic to this nation. They work to support the good
    works in this nation.  

    They also work with all people, faith or no
    faith, and they show by example what the Prophet Muhammad (upon him be peace)
    taught us.

    Some of us read books, some of us talk, but they
    actually do. And I consider it a privilege and an honor to be associated with
    them and to be part of the brotherhood.  

    I see them as wonderful human beings and as true
    Muslims, and I can say this as one that has studied the religion and been a
    leader in the religion for over 25 years. I can say this. 

    Also, what I want to say to you is that when
    people try to come against them – because some Muslims don't know about them
    and their movement and the good that they do in the world – I would tell them
    not to worry about that.

    I would tell them to continue to model and be an
    excellent example of this religion and also build on the relationships you
    already have.  

    Myself, as one of your brothers and friends: if
    I know other Muslims don't know you, I'm happy to take you with me and introduce
    you to them and let them get to know you so they can form their own

    And I have no doubt that once they get to know
    you and get to know your leadership, I have no doubt that they will no longer
    believe these outrageous allegations against you. 

    Muhammad the Prophet (upon him be peace) made
    education a top priority. You all make education a top priority. 

    He told us that we should be kind and
    considerate and respectful and hospitable to our neighbor. You all demonstrate
    that. You host iftars, you host various events during the month of Ramadan to
    educate the people. 

    So the Hizmet Movement is, I think, vital to the
    Muslim community, and they are also showing us how to apply the wonderful,
    universal, timeless concepts of Islam in the 21st century. 

    My imam, my teacher, taught me that you never
    change the principles. You never change the logic in Islam. 

    He said, but it's OK to change the way you
    express the logic. And we have to look at our current set of circumstances and
    our reality here in the West and apply the best application of this faith.

    I see them doing that, and I see them embracing
    the entire human family and making a positive, wonderful difference in the

    They're a benefit to the Muslim community and
    humanity as a whole.

    This is a transcript of a video by Spectra Media (January 26, 2017). Published with permission. 


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