The Fountain 2016 Essay Contest Shortlist

Here are the 36 writers who qualified into the shortlist. Winners will be announced on March 31. Good luck!

Afrouz Razavi; Amos Abi, Oleh; Arte Krasniqi; Aura Truelove; Claudia Verona; Denise Faye Oliva Tabilas; Duncan Rowan Ireland; Elizabeth Jaeger; Faleeha Hassan; Gabriella Brand; Giusi Catarinolo; Helen Stead; Janette Conger; Jessica Ornelas; JG Horta; Joel Moodley; Karina Nava-Melchor; Kathleen Jacobson; Khajira Christopher; Lawrence Brazier; Mansurni Abadi; Matthew Hawk Eldridge; Michael Mardel; Michael W. Smith; Mike Brinkac; Nuran Elif ├ľzt├╝rk; R. D. Rogers; Ray Mwareya; Rebecca Foster; Rosemary McKinley; Salma Hany Abdel Fattah; Santiago Selva; Sifon Ikpe; Suzeth Lozania; Terri Doby; Valentina Locatelli

Literature & Languages

  • Issue 107 / September - October 2015

    Old Man

    Chris Roe

    By your side

    There is peace,

    A quiet place

    Of beauty and realisation,

    Where wisdom

    Seeks reason and understanding,

    Where myth is laid to rest

    By the reality of knowledge.

    By your side there is hope

    That arrogance and greed

    Will not destroy,

    That selfless love

    Will prevail.

    By your side,

    Life is sacred.

    By your side,

    A future

    For the children.

    By your side

    There is love.

    Chris Roe


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