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  • Issue 118 / July - August 2017

    The Faithful

    M. Fethullah Gulen

    I felt Your Infinite Mercy in my soul,

    While wrapped all around

    With the divine fear’s glowing coal.

    As my hopes overflowed my heart

    My aspirations faded with Your Majesty.

    So many times

    I become a Majnun at Your door

    And sensed You deep in the heart.

    When deceived by the mirage of truth

    I lost my sanity,

    Lost, away from home.

    At times, I am connected to You

    With all of my being

    As Jacob burned with yearning for Joseph.

    I wail and lament with longing,

    my fervor invisibly deep.

    “Love,” I say, despite the wounds in my spirit.

    “Yes,” said I already,

    turning to ashes with Your Love

    As the memories I conversed with appeared before my eyes

    My head was at Your doorstep; Your yoke around my neck.

    On the darkest nights, I took refuge in Your light.

    My heart was devastated, and my tongue stuttered,

    But I always praised only You.

    The elixir of love, I’ve found it only in You

    And I woke up from the sweetest dream.

    My soul weeps and aches with pure enthusiasm

    I pray it is not invaded by any other than You.

    Oh, that I may not experience longing in the hands of the disloyal

    When there is a Faithful Beloved like You

    for the forlorn ones like me.


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