Literature & Languages

  • Issue 114 / November - December 2016

    The Lace Decorating the Beyond

    M. Fethullah Gulen

    On the slopes of emerald hills

    Voices and whispers stir our happiness

    Heavenly fountains cascade in all corners

    At the eternal reunion gates

    Every moment, each soul is wrapped in delights

    Roses, daisies, dandelions, lilies, all in mesmerizing colors

    Dew sparkling on violets, jasmines, and leaves,

    Bleary-eyed hyacinths and tulips

    Moths flying between light and colors

    Appearing on every horizon is the brightest of beauties.

    When my heart is filled with the best dreams,

    My faith is my honest guide

    My prism to see and love everything

    Making me feel all the mystery

    In every step of the colorful world

    As the spirit coils up into the ether

    Traces of meanings emerge in my imagination

    Silent whispers flow into my heart

    In an incomprehensible language, without letters and words

    As if the gates to the heavens creak open nearby

    At that point humans listen to existence

    Hearing the tunes of the Infinite One in their hearts

    On the prairies, valleys, and shores every spring

    They look for the lost Heavens

    Feelings of hope and longing are side by side

    They embrace everything on their path

    The grass, trees, rocks, earth, all of existence

    For them, the light and darkness are the same

    They welcome sickness and health with contentment

    They are slaves, living like kings


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