Literature & Languages

  • Issue 103 / January - February 2015

    This Worldly Life

    M. Fethullah Gulen

    How beautiful, is this worldly life
    But not a soul shall remain
    We all come into this world
    Only to leave it one day
    I can see that everything around me
    Rises then fades away
    Life is just a passing moment
    Nothing is meant to stay

    This worldly life has an end
    And it's then real life begins
    A world where we will live forever
    This beautiful worldly life has an end
    It's a just bridge that must be crossed
    To a life that will go on forever

    So many years, quickly slipping by
    Like the Sleepers of the Cave
    Wake up and make a choice
    Before we end up in our graves
    O God! You didn't put me here in vain
    I know I'll be held accountable for what I do
    This life is just a journey
    And it's taking me back to You

    So many get caught in this beautiful web
    Its gardens become an infatuation
    But surely they'll understand at the final stop
    That its gardens are meant for cultivation


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