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  • Issue 99 / May - June 2014

    You Have Loved Him All Along

    Amany Shalaby

    What do you love in anything or anyone that is not His?
    In reality, you have loved Him all along!
    Forms are like pigeons carrying the Beloved's letters.
    You fall in love with the pigeons
    And miss reading the letters of the true Lover...
    You miss a greater Love that pigeons are not capable of providing


    Receive Love's letters and let go of the pigeons
    And your heart will fly higher with Love.
    Wherever you look,
    You will see the Face of the Beloved
    For He is with you wherever you are
    And is never absent!
    You will always live in love with the Truly Real (al-Haqq)!
    And you will never lose Love when the pigeons fly away!
    O Soul, do not then lose sight of the Beloved


    Everything reminds the lover of his Beloved
    And for that he loves everything
    There is no loss in that Love
    There is always a new letter;
    For the Beloved is swift in sending
    And is always Creative!
    Thus, the lover cannot think but in the Beloved
    His actions are to please the Beloved
    He worries to displease the Beloved
    He cannot eat or drink but with the Beloved
    Every chanting reminds Him of the Beloved
    He sleeps with his lips praising the Beloved
    And wakes with his lips glorifying the Beloved


    He calls the Beloved
    And attentively awaits the answer
    And the Beloved keeps writing
    For even if all the trees were pens
    And all oceans were ink
    They would cease
    but the words of the Beloved will forever continue


    The amazing reality of Love
    Is that no matter how the lover is brought near to the Beloved
    He wishes to draw even nearer
    For the Beloved's expressions are eternal
    So, O soul: Read!


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