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    Subscribers to the hard copy of our periodical are eligible for a free access to the digital versions after completing the following steps.

    1. Open an account
    You can open an account via your Ipad, android tablet, or our website. Click here to open an account via our website.

    To open an account on your tablet, please download our application first. Click here to retrieve the applications, conditions of use, and address links on Apple Store and Google Play Store.

    Member Login

    Reminder: Our system will send an activation link to the email address you submit. To activate your account please click that link. If you have not received an activation link, you may generate another link after you log in as a member on the website.

    2. Enter your subscription information
    When you first log in the system via the website, you will be redirected to a personal information page. Click “update my information” link and enter your subscription number, your name, surname, and city.

    User Info Update

    You may update your information any time and as many times as you want.

    3. Start digital subscription
    Go to the Personal Information on the website and click Start Digital Subscription link. The system will then connect to the subscription database and check the information you entered. Upon confirmation, digital magazines will change from “purchase” to “downloadable.”

    If “Your Hard Copy Subscription Has Not Been Identified” message appears on the website, it is because of either of the following two reasons:

    - Please check the information you entered via the website as they may be incorrect. ( Subscription Number, Name, Lastname and City data base fields must match.)

    - If you are sure the information you entered are correct, then it must be because of the information saved in the subscription database. Please call customer services to update your information. You may call customer services 8.30 am – 6.30 pm weekdays at (855) 268-2665


    You may also write to [email protected] for any inquiry.