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Welcome to the refreshing line of thought presented by The Fountain magazine, a bimonthly periodical exploring life and our existence from a wide scholarship of humanities, natural sciences, and perspectives on faith.

Appealing to a wide scope of readership with its rich content, The Fountain is particularly popular among subscribers from educated segments of the English speaking world, seeking a unique perspective on science and spirituality. In awareness of global connectedness of our times, The Fountain aims to promote a culture of coexistence and mutual understanding between different nations and groups, thus provides content based on universally appreciated human values.

The Fountain offers in every issue how different fields of study and thought play out in a holistic approach to the universe. Discussing the main aspects of human existence, The Fountain imparts a unique perspective that brings along a cross-section of centuries-long human knowledge while embracing the fruits of modernity in thought-provoking articles.

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