Issue 104

  • Hope is Not a Feeling ...

    The Fountain participated in several international events in the first two months of 2015. The first one was in Abuja, Nigeria, for a conference titled "Love and Tolerance: Two Dynamics for Personal and Social Reform" (January 21)

    Published March - April 2015 - The Fountain

    The Predicament of Ignorance

    In a time of darkness and ignorance, we must challenge our preconceived notions, seeking answers in education and trust. It is another season of service. Our love-filled hearts are longing for Joseph but as desolate as Zaliha, a

    Published March - April 2015 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    The Artistry in the Oral Cavity

    The first event that takes place inside the mother's womb is the union of sperm and egg to form into a single cell which later takes the shape of an embryo by rapid division and development. This embryological development occurs i

    Published March - April 2015 - Suleyman Kultigin

    Pre-marital Counseling for Prosperous Marriages

    Marriage is a common and significant life event that has serious ramifications for prosperity. Since it is a more complex phenomenon than it looks, a significant percentage of marriages end with a divorce. Even though, recent stat

    Published March - April 2015 - Esranur Aslan Topaloglu

    Planets With Two Stars

    The planets of the sun revolve around a single star, just like the planets in many systems. Revolving around a single star is the general principle, but scientists have recently discovered planets that revolve around two stars, wi

    Published March - April 2015 - Ihsan Kose

    The Human Footprint on the Environment: Impacts and Solutions

    The Ganges River flows majestically through the northern part of the Indian subcontinent. It is ancient, sacred to the millions of Hindus who rely on it for daily sustenance, and unfortunately, becoming increasingly polluted. The

    Published March - April 2015 - Danielle Black

    Insulin and Blood Sugar Balance

    The human body needs energy. ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) is to each cell in the body what gasoline is to a car. This energy is stored inside the bonds of the three phosphate molecules attached to an adenosine nucleotide. The ligh

    Published March - April 2015 - Hamza Mert

    The Secret to Red Lipstick, and Other Correspondence

    July, 2014 Isle of Wight, Virginia Dear (Seasoned, Revered, Etc.) Rachel, You sit on the pinnacle of a very long life. Happiest of Happy Birthdays to you (us?)! You're now a centurion. Is that what they call people who have reac

    Published March - April 2015 - Rachel Heffington

    Karl Marx, the Prophet of Materialism

    If there is any thinker or philosopher who has been the most critical of religion, it is undoubtedly Karl Marx. The so-called savior and deliverer of the proletariat - the working class - adamantly argued that the whole of history

    Published March - April 2015 - Mustafa Ismet Uzun

    Turkey’s Path to Democratization: Barriers, Actors, Outcomes

    Positioned almost in the heart of one of the most politically and socially active regions of the world, Turkey is a lucrative soil for political scientists. Historically, Turkey boasts of being the home of the first known human se

    Published March - April 2015 - Muhammed Cetin

    Altruism (I'thar)

    Altruism (i'thar), preferring others to oneself when doing a good deed, is, according to the moralists, giving precedence to the common interests of the community over one's own interests; according to Sufis, it is devoting onesel

    Published March - April 2015 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    How Is Vision Possible in Total Darkness?

    Animals can move and even hunt in the pitch-dark of the night. How do these animals see comfortably in the dark? How are their eyes different from ours? Anatomically, the eye consists of three layers called the Tunica fibrosa (ou

    Published March - April 2015 - Emin Senoglu

    Responsibility and Freedom: Analysis through On Liberty

    John Stuart Mill was among the many philosophers, both before and after, who attempted to determine when government intervention in the private lives of individuals was legitimate. The authoritarian regimes of 19th century Europe

    Published March - April 2015 - Alparslan Zora

    Separation and Hopes

    Again I remembered the days of separation, Years mixed with tears passed by.
 I shuddered and froze in my place; Friends had become reconciled with enemies.
 While the people swam in deep sleep, Values were lost one after anot

    Published March - April 2015 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    Is Freezing By Heating Possible?

    The universe is a field where existence is transformed from state to state. The transformation of matter from one state to another is generally called a "phase transition" and each phase has its own characteristics. A phase transi

    Published March - April 2015 - Ihsan Kose

    Religion and Social Change

    The interpretation and perception of even just a single social action is multi-layered, multi-faceted, complex, and sophisticated. It almost seems impossible to explain a social action entirely through any of our sciences; in fact

    Published March - April 2015 - Mustafa Ismet Uzun

    The Veils of Existence

    We are conscious beings and we seek answers to our existence. People search for answers to questions like, "Who am I and why do we exist?" The sciences reveal that existence is full of meaning and purpose. However, judgmental valu

    Published March - April 2015 - Kemal Serce

    "Hoop Dreaming"

    I first met Hassan Fofana in 2006, at a friend's house in Baltimore, Maryland. Hassan was studying at Loyola College and I was at Temple University. The two of us were an unusual pair. Hassan, who was born in Guinea and grew up in

    Published March - April 2015 - Justin Pahl

    Defraud and Corruption

    Defraud is not just the act of usurping financial or material means that aren't yours. Spiritual defraud exists, and it is also a major sin. Believers are strictly warned in the Qur'an to avoid defraud. What is the sc

    Published March - April 2015 - The Fountain

    Science Square

    Agrochemical control of plant water use via engineered abscisic acid receptors Park et al. Nature, February 2015. A recent breakthrough study reported that scientists successfully engineered drought-tolerant plants by addi

    Published March - April 2015 - The Fountain