Issue 105

  • Ghana and More

    The Fountain was among the organizers of an important conference in Ghana. Many participants described the conference as "first of its kind." Professor Scott C. Alexander was one of the speakers. The following is a short report on

    Published May - June 2015 - The Fountain

    Building a Society of Noble Ideals

    The humans of this age have been victimized by a lack of idealism. Sometimes, in addition to lacking idealism, these individuals ignored their self-control and remained corrupt; some even went so far as to inflict destruction upon

    Published May - June 2015 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    The Impeccable Sanitation of the Blood

    Think of a marvelous machine that consists of pipes, pumps, processors, and plugs. This machine grinds and grates, pumps and pours, moves and maneuvers. It constructs and consumes constantly. Despite all this action and activity,

    Published May - June 2015 - Brian Turk

    Causality in Science and Religion

    One of the most appealing questions in the history of science is if science and religion can be reconciled. Since religion and science both present cognitive perspectives about existence, this is a problem waiting to be solved ins

    Published May - June 2015 - Yusuf Malik

    Antimicrobial Activity of Honey

    Honey has been used as food for millennia. Not only is it delicious, though, but it's also a "super" food, renowned for its medicinal and antibacterial qualities Honey has been used by humans for millennia. It's beloved

    Published May - June 2015 - Fethi Yaman

    Putting Yourself in Others' Shoes

    Empathy is more important than ever in a globalized world. If we make an effort to understand the emotions and motivations of other people, it will help us to bridge ethnic, national, and religious differences Empathy is more imp

    Published May - June 2015 - Osman Senkaya

    The Key-Lock System in Fertilization

    The process of fertilization is wondrous, a perfect meeting of time and circumstance. New research is revealing just how refined reproduction systems really are as they are found in nature. Living things are equipped wit

    Published May - June 2015 - Hamza Aydin

    Speaking: A Magical Gift

    Speech is an extraordinary gift. It allows us to communicate, to make sense of the world, and to build relationships. But sometimes, children encounter problems that inhibit this gift. He burst into tears. He could not u

    Published May - June 2015 - K. Fatma Canan

    The World of Cats

    We often overlook cats. They're pets and companions. But in truth, they're so much more. Blessed with some incredible traits, cats are actually marvels of creation. Cats have lived with humans since ancient times. They a

    Published May - June 2015 - Ibrahim Ugurlu

    Adab (Mannerliness)

    Its meaning covers being sensible and reasonable, well-behaved, well-mannered, treating people kindly. Adab (mannerliness) is used in the terminology of Sufism to defend against errors and to distinguish the factors leading to err

    Published May - June 2015 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    Curvature of the Heavens

    Rumi is one of the greatest Islamic poets, but is it also possible that one of his poems contains a hint about an astronomical phenomenon? Mevlana Jalal al-Din Rumi, who lived in the 13th century, is still recognized as

    Published May - June 2015 - D. Omer Guney

    Four Cups of Tea

    A visit to a mosque and a simple gesture of kindness remind the author that, despite what the news might report, people of different faiths have far more similarities than differences. Be kind, for wherever kindness becomes a

    Published May - June 2015 - Thomas Petriano

    Complexity Or Cooperativity?

    Books, bodies, and beautiful paintings – these are all emergent systems. As our understanding of these systems grows, so, too, do the questions about how we study them. Scientific revolutions require the shift of parad

    Published May - June 2015 - Murat Erdin

    Bless Your Own Baby

    Upon the birth of her first child, the author took it upon herself to bestow an important blessing. Twenty-five years later, she used that blessing to help another new mother take her first steps into parenthood. The sto

    Published May - June 2015 - Mary Lahaj

    Humans and Metallic Materials

    If we study the way metals are structured and processed, lessons can be drawn about how human's function, too. One just has to look closely enough. Humans and metallic materials are both worth investigating for their comparable

    Published May - June 2015 - Mustafa Akdag

    Numerical Codes and Gematrical Mysteries in the Qur'an

    Just as there is a perfect order that allows life to exist and function, there are incredible numerical symmetries and orders within the Qur'an. Exploring them can deepen our appreciation of both the Qur'an and the world. The stu

    Published May - June 2015 - Sefik Hikmet Toprak

    Music of Rain

    Drops of rain, as if smiles from the worlds beyond, Travel here and there seeking the seas they parted from. They fall with the sound of plucked lute-strings: And hearing it, the earth begins to breathe. Drops of rain float down

    Published May - June 2015 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    Fuel Cells

    Today, humans get most of their energy from fossil fuels. We know this rate of consumption isn’t sustainable. Will fuel cells be the primary energy source of tomorrow? Humans have always needed energy. Throughout histo

    Published May - June 2015 - Ismail Eren

    Realizing Ideals

    Question: In a society where disorder is rampant and a war of values is taking place, how can balance be established between reality and ideals? What are the characteristics of those who can achieve this balance? It is a f

    Published May - June 2015 - The Fountain

    Science Square

    Natural Antifreeze from Ticks Frostbite Protection in Mice Suggests an Antifreeze Glycoprotein Heisig M. et al. PLOS ONE, February 2015. Some animals such as ticks and fish have anti-freeze proteins that protect them from e

    Published May - June 2015 - The Fountain