Issue 107

  • Math, the Internet, Peace

    Around the northern hemisphere, most schools are about to begin their fall semesters. As parents send their kids out the door into the world, they have numerous concerns, one of which has to do with figures: math. As one of the fo

    Published September - October 2015 - The Fountain

    The Human Being and Endless Blessings

    Every moment in life is composed of certain opportunities to obtain new treasures. It is up to every person to take advantage of these opportunities. They can choose to honor their humanity and live in enlightenment, or pass up th

    Published September - October 2015 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    Scientific Skepticism vs. Religious Faith

    In the positive sciences, the scientific pursuit requires a unique set of personal qualities. A good scientist should verify the source of each piece of new information before using it to build a scientific theory. Those sources n

    Published September - October 2015 - Mesut Sahin

    The Impeccable Digestive Tract

    Almost every single system in the human body works without rest, even during sleep. The mechanism is set, the gears are in place, and all the components are in order. The only thing the body needs to get going is energy!


    Published September - October 2015 - Brian Turk

    How To Listen To Your Life

    All the inspirational material we find around us—poetry, fiery speeches, wise quotes—warns us never to feel down or disappointed. They claim that by keeping our morale constantly up, we can pursue whatever we want to and, one

    Published September - October 2015 - Humayun Mujahid

    Where Is the Virtual World Taking Human Relationships?

    Humanity is now facing one of its greatest ailments - and it threatens to overwhelm us. Though terminal diseases like AIDS, cancer, and other pathologies have defied the expertise of medical experts, they can't compare with this e

    Published September - October 2015 - Onyeagolu Tochukwu

    Green Faith

    Dialogue is about authentic expression as to who I am, who we are. It is about listening to one another and learning from one another in a spirit of love, respect, and dialogue. This mission helps us achieve peace and harmony with

    Published September - October 2015 - John N. Dorner

    Old Man

    By your side

    There is peace,

    A quiet place

    Of beauty and realisation,

    Where wisdom

    Seeks reason and understanding,

    Where myth is laid to rest

    By the reality of knowledge.

    Published September - October 2015 - Chris Roe

    Universe Is Filled With Life

    During Medieval times almost all Christian theologians accepted the Ptolemaic, earth-centered Greek view of the universe as an absolute universal truth. The Catholic Inquisition punished those who dared to voice other ideas.

    Published September - October 2015 - Allen S. Maller

    Black Cumin: A Prophetic Medicine

    Studies on the curative aspects of black cumin (Nigella Sativa) has seen an exponential growth in recent years. A single search of black cumin or Nigella Sativa at the database of the National Institutes of Health returns about

    Published September - October 2015 - Ali Fethi Toprak

    Clash of Wills

    The histories of nations are shaped by countless stories, both real and fictional; in most cases, the line between the two blurs. Having been exposed to the same discourse over the years, many of us do not even feel the need to fi

    Published September - October 2015 - Hakan Yesilova

    There Is News From Space!

    67P is a comet located around 500 billion kilometers away from the Earth. Discovered in 1969 and named after its discoverers Churyumov-Gerasimenko, 67P has a position in between the orbits of Earth and Jupiter. It revolves with a

    Published September - October 2015 - Nuh Ozdin

    Hikma (Wisdom)

    Hikma (wisdom), meaning knowledge, the understanding of Divine commandments, philosophy, the real reasons for the existence of events and of things, and grasping the goals and benefits in religion, has been interpreted by the exac

    Published September - October 2015 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    Civil Rights, the Hizmet Movement, and the Liberative Power of Education

    One of the foundational principles of the teachings of M. Fethullah Gulen, and thus one of the animating principles of the Hizmet movement, is the notion that education is one of the primary means by which the human person becomes

    Published September - October 2015 - Scott C. Alexander

    Mathematics: On the Path to Wisdom

    Throughout history, mathematics has meant different things to different people. According to the sixteenth century scientist and philosopher, Galileo Galilei, God created the cosmos in the language of mathematics. The ancient Gre

    Published September - October 2015 - Asim Guvenalp

    Sculpture of the Carpenter

    As always, on the eve of his birthday, he planned a new sculpture in his mind. He brought the right books to get inspired, he opened the garage door to hear birds chirping, and he breathed deep the fresh morning dew. Was it possib

    Published September - October 2015 - Sumayya B. Sharaf

    Why Math Education?

    In this article, we will discuss why math education is a very crucial component of the core K-12 and college curricula. We will underline the controversial aspects of the topic which have been discussed for many years, and try to

    Published September - October 2015 - Bruce J. Parker

    Immunological Memory

    When we hear the word "memory," brain cells generally come to mind. However, our lymph cells, which are generated from the immune system, also possess memories. Our brain is blessed with the ability to store everything it hears, s

    Published September - October 2015 - Omer Arifagaoglu

    A History of Sufism for Western Readers

    Among the general Western public, Sufism has often been confused with the mystical traditions of the Far East, and thus considered an independent religion without ties to Islam. However, the term Sufism has widely been defined as

    Published September - October 2015 - Sait Yavuz

    The Attributes of Virtuous People

    How can one make virtue his or her nature?

    To be able to lead a virtuous life, especially one that is extremely careful about moral values and worship, it is important to develop a character of seriousness, dignity,

    Published September - October 2015 - The Fountain

    Science Square

    Bratman GN et al. Natural experience reduces rumination and subgenual prefrontal cortex activation. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States of America, June 2015.
    More than 50% of the world

    Published September - October 2015 - The Fountain