Issue 108

  • Combatting The Extremist Cancer

    The more the news places Islam side by side with terrorism, the louder we will cry that Islam is peace. This issue of The Fountain adds one more voice to this cry, with three strong articles. "Muslims Must Combat the Extremist Can

    Published November - December 2015 - The Fountain

    Muslims Must Combat the Extremist Cancer

    As the group that calls itself Islamic State, known as ISIS, continues to produce carnage in the Middle East, Muslims must confront the totalitarian ideology that animates it and other terrorist groups. Every terrorist act carried

    Published November - December 2015 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    A Mystery Signal: Yawning

    Humans were created to be aware of our surroundings. We pick up on what is happening around us, and inside us, via certain signs. Every organism has a body language. And every body generates various signals, such as sneezing, shak

    Published November - December 2015 - Adem Arikanli

    Literacy, Violence, and Reading Habits in the World

    According to UNESCO, literacy is, "the ability to identify, understand, interpret, create, communicate, and compute, using printed and written materials associated with varying contexts. Literacy involves a continuum of learning i

    Published November - December 2015 - Sumayya B. Sharaf

    The Design of the Vascular Tissue in Plants

    Just as humans have blood vessels under their skin, leaves also have vessels. These vessels transport water and various nutrients around through the leaves and trunk of the plant. Be it giant sequoias reaching to the heavens, or s

    Published November - December 2015 - Ali Erkan Uguz

    Birth of Physical Principles of Educational Philosophy

    I remember a renowned author saying "I don't talk about the articles I want to write; because when I do so, I fail to write them." I also remember a anonymous person shouting at people, "if you have a good idea, keep it to yoursel

    Published November - December 2015 - Sermed Ogretim

    Friendships Rooted in Faith and Love

    It was September, 2003. A diverse group of women from many different Christian denominations, both Catholic and Protestant, began meeting at Dublin Community Church-United Church of Christ, in Dublin, Ohio, for fellowship and Bib

    Published November - December 2015 - Barbara Anderson

    The Rhythm Embroided Into Existence

    Events that occur on the space-time continuum and then vanish have been granted a certain, specific period of time. As we discover that every object in the universe, no matter how big or small, is organized by certain rhythms, we

    Published November - December 2015 - Nuh Ozdin

    Church of Mary

    In his book, The Culture of Ambiguity: Another History of Islam, the contemporary Islamic scholar Thomas Bauer wrote:

    For about a thousand years Arab-Islamic societies cultivated a "culture of ambiguity." Various truth clai

    Published November - December 2015 - Elif Cansu Guler

    (Discernment) Firasa

    Firasa (discernment) can be defined as profundity, productivity and coherence in thought and the forming of opinions, the ability to penetrate the meaning of existence, and acting on conscious insight. It is a light that God puts

    Published November - December 2015 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    An Organism Which Doesn’t Burn or Freeze

    The land, freshwater lakes and rivers, and seas are adorned with all types of organisms. Up until now, only 2.5 million species have been identified. Upon a complete investigation of the deep seas and inaccessible areas of Earth,

    Published November - December 2015 - Ibrahim Ugurlu

    Does Islam Promote Violence?

    In the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks, a huge number of books and articles have been published investigating the link between some certain interpretations of Islam and the terrorist attacks.

    Further terrorist attacks in cert

    Published November - December 2015 - Aydogan Vatandas

    Prayer - A Hotline to God?

    As newborn children, we are not able, for example, to shoo away even a fly that lands on our nose, or reach out on our own to our mother's delicious milk. And once this milk passes through us, we don't even have the skills to chan

    Published November - December 2015 - Metin Aysel

    Creativity as a Process of Reliance in God

    No two consecutive generations in human history have ever lived under the same circumstances. The innovation of new technologies and cross-fertilization of different ideas, which happen across generations, brought today's civiliza

    Published November - December 2015 - Zekeriya Ozsoy

    Don’t Leave Me Alone

    My heart and eyes open with You, Impossible obstacles are overcome with You, When Your name is mentioned, light sparkles Lovers seek You everywhere, The sherbet of your lips is a remedy for every problem, If I am troubled, w

    Published November - December 2015 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    Globetrotters of the Middle Ages

    Sain bina, dear readers! As-Salamu Alaikum! Or would you prefer Hello?

    With this multilingual welcome I hope to get you in the mood for the subject of my essay: the first documented globetrotters in human history. But befor

    Published November - December 2015 - Zafer Dogan

    Our Brains, Ethics, and the Practice of Prostration

    A report from the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, tells us that prostration (sajda) as the early Muslims practiced it during their daily prayers was so humiliating to non-believers that most of them could never bring themselv

    Published November - December 2015 - Mesut Sahin

    Jihad and Qital: Two Concepts Where Confusion About Islam Starts

    In this article, I will try to summarize the concept of jihad and war according to the Qur'an, and analyze their practices during the time of the Prophet. As these concepts have often been confused, it has led to some common misju

    Published November - December 2015 - Suat Yildirim

    Loving Words, Loving Actions

    I am a practicing Muslim woman living in the USA. Practicing, you may ask? How much? How well? It's between me and God, but I can assure you that I am more practicing than I was before. I wasn't really practicing until I came to I

    Published November - December 2015 - Zeliha Celiker

    What needs to be overcome for people of will

    QUESTION: The Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, said, "The things I fear most for my community are: large stomachs, excessive sleep, idleness, and lack of certainty." What is meant by these weaknesses? Are they interrelated?

    Published November - December 2015 - The Fountain

    Science Square

    Processed meat increases cancer risk

    The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC), the cancer agency of the World Health Organization, has investigated nearly 1,000 things that increase the risk of cancer.

    Published November - December 2015 - The Fountain