Issue 11

  • New Horizons In Education Multimedia And Interactive Computing

    The time an individual can devote to catching up with the expanding information-base of humanity is limited. But he or she has to do it: information is the essential raw material of decisions and choices. The expansion in availab

    Published July - September 1995 - B. Erzurumluoglu

    The New Man

    Within the movement of history we have been carried to the threshold of a new age open to the manifestations of Divine favour. Despite (or in parallel with) the advances in science and technology, the last two or three centuries h

    Published July - September 1995 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    Tobacco And Cancer

    Moral Teachings and Cancer Prevention

    It is estimated that 80 to 90 percent of all cancer cases are related to environmental and lifestyle influences (1). Many cancer research centers es

    Published July - September 1995 - M. A. Al-ahari

    Dealing With Hypertension

    A True Story Of Faith and Resolve
    Hypertension is one of the most widespread dangerous diseases of this century affecting the young as well as the elderly. It can lead to other, more dangerous conditions, coronary and

    Published July - September 1995 - M. L. Hawking

    Human Development As Revealed In The Holy Qu'ran And Hadith

    Dr Albar is a Consultant to the King Fahad Medical Research Center, King Abdul Aziz University, Jeddah. In this excellent, fully illustrated study, written in plain English with only the minimum of technical words, he presents a s

    Published July - September 1995 - M. A. Rahim

    Barred Window

    An elderly man gazed out of his cell window in Eskisehir prison. Spring-green poplar leaves moved in the brisk wind and, above the trees, small birds flapped and twittered as if to answer and amplify the leaves’ sunlit applause.

    Published July - September 1995 - Mehmet Erdogan

    A Commentary For Contemporary World The Twelfth Word

    In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate
    Whoever has been given the Wisdom, certainly he has been given much good
    The following consists of a brief comparison between the sacred wisdom
    of the Wise Qur

    Published July - September 1995 - Bediuzzaman Said Nursi

    What is the meaning of 'mannerliness' in the terminology of sufism?

    Its meaning covers being sensible and reasonable, well- behaved, well-mannered, treating people kindly. Mannerliness is used in the terminology of Sufism to defend against errors and to distinguish the factors leading to errors,

    Published July - September 1995 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    The Meaning Of Existence

    Said Nursi, one of the great thinkers of the age, in teaching the existence and unity of God, put forward this argument:
    There are two ways to explain how a seed germinates under earth, then grows into an elaborate tree, or

    Published July - September 1995 - Ali Unal

    Free Radical A Revolution In Bio-Medical Science

    Every few years the scientific community is shaken by a new theory. Theories are put forward in every field of science from mechanics to molecules. These continual changes in scientific understanding force us to ask how much we re

    Published July - September 1995 - S. Fredericks

    Isaac Newton

    The Light At The Beginning of The Tunnel
    Early life

    NEWTON was born prematurely on 25th December 1645 in Woolsthorpe, a hamlet near Grantham in Lincolnshire, a few months after the death of his father. At three ye

    Published July - September 1995 - J. Qureshi

    After The Conference

    International Conference on Islam and Science: Conflicting disciplines or manifestations of the same truth?

    The Conference was held in the Wembley Grand Hall on Saturday, 29th April, 1995, from 9 in the morning t

    Published July - September 1995 - The Fountain

    Ants and Their Guests

    There are a great number of wonders in nature waiting to be understood. One of them is the communication between ants and their guests. Bert Holldobler began studying this communication in the early 1960s. He concluded his observa

    Published July - September 1995 - Y. Yilmaz

    A Songfor Spring

    When spring's time has come, no eyecan avoid its vitality, the tulip's boldperpendicular climb, more subtle unfurling of the rose, breathless profusion ofcolour and fragrance, the singingflight of birds and insects, trees that b

    Published July - September 1995 - The Fountain