Issue 112

  • After The Coup Attempt, A Crackdown In Turkey

    The Fountain has been recently banned by the Turkish government in Turkey. Let us try to explain why:

    Once considered a beacon of hope for the Middle East, Turkey has been rapidly backsliding on issues of democracy, f

    Published July - August 2016 - The Fountain

    Despair and Heroes

    Much as it is in the rest of today’s world, depression and crises are interwoven into our society: crisis of belief, crisis of thought, crisis of criteria, crisis of the system, crisis of ethics, crisis of family, crisis o

    Published July - August 2016 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    Baby in the Cold

    Abandoned babies left on the steps of a church or a mosque are not unfamiliar news for many of us. We are not going to discuss the socio-cultural reasons and consequences of this outrageous act, but the amazing biological re

    Published July - August 2016 - Umar Agha

    Anatomy of 2008 global Financial Crisis

    In 2008, the world witnessed the biggest financial crisis since the Great Depression.  Although this crisis started in the financial markets, it soon spread to real-world sectors and caused a great deal of pain for ordinary

    Published July - August 2016 - Ali Fakih

    Green Fluorescent Proteins

    Many animals, including squirrels and birds, bury their excess acorns or nuts in summer. When winter arrives and everything is buried under thick snow, they are still able to find the food they had hidden.

    Just as an

    Published July - August 2016 - Emine Demircan

    Recognizing the Alien

    One of the most important preventative measures the human body can take against diseases is recognizing harmful things that have entered the body – and recognizing them as soon as possible. After recognizing the enemy, wha

    Published July - August 2016 - Faik Kocadag

    A Plea to Those Who Dream

    Life is beautiful for those who dream big. It is not because they have something to hold onto; it is because they find layers of meaning through the dreams they pursue.

    It is beautiful not just because it is a

    Published July - August 2016 - Earl Carlo Guevarra

    Environment and Values Education

    My grandmother did not waste anything; she always repaired our clothes not to waste any of them. My mother follows in her mother’s path; she washes plastic bags and uses them again and again until they are no more reusable

    Published July - August 2016 - Emel Berberoglu

    Zawq and ‘Atash (Pleasure and Thirst)

    Meaning the feeling of happiness and satisfaction, and enjoyment and amusement, zawq (pleasure) in Sufi terminology is one of the first breezes of Divine manifestation and one of the first gifts that appear from time

    Published July - August 2016 - The Fountain

    The Watermelon Towel - Generosity Contentment Anticipation

    Back when winter was its deepest and darkest, she would sometimes see it on the shelf when she put the clean laundry away.  It was very bright.  It was very lush.  The smells of hot sunshine, piney breezes, and sweet coc

    Published July - August 2016 - Elizabeth Harmatys Park

    The Moods of the Heart

    In different belief systems and cultures, the heart is associated with deep meanings.  Despite this history, modern medicine has restricted the heart to its physiological structure and brought forward the brain as the sourc

    Published July - August 2016 - Hasan Dogan

    Beloved Giver

    Love exists in forms that diminish with the touch of reality
    and disintegrate into memories:
    I would be a liar if I were
    to accept this as the whole truth,
    for love is volatile, a liquid shapeshift

    Published July - August 2016 - Zuleyha B. Ozturk

    Artificial Intelligence and the Singularity of Mankind

    Throughout history, human civilization has been mainly agricultural. Today, we supposedly live in the “digital” age. Scientific advancements have never been this rapid – or this dramatic. The ever-accelerating developme

    Published July - August 2016 - Bayram Kara

    Cafe de Mille et Une Nuit

    If you would like to understand the three facets of existence and events, and if you are curious about the condition of the human being who is a conscious witness to the continuous formation, transformation and organization

    Published July - August 2016 - Seth Mette

    “Reading” the Meaning of Events and Human Actions

    Question: How are the troubles one is facing related with his or her actions?

    Answer: When a believer experiences some fiascos on the path he walks, faces some allegations and sland

    Published July - August 2016 - The Fountain

    A new meaning to the term “bird brain”

    A new meaning to the term “bird brain”

    Olkowicz S. et al. Birds have primate-like numbers of neurons in the forebrain. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of the United States.

    Published July - August 2016 - The Fountain