Issue 114

  • Establishing Perspective

    In this issue, we are celebrating Black History Month with Laila Muhammad. The grandchild of Elijah Muhammad

    Published November - December 2016 - The Fountain

    Exhausted, But Moving Forward With Hope

    Around the world, many people feel exhausted. Americans are exhausted from their elections and revelations of troubling conspiracies. Europeans are grappling with waves of immigrants and unsettling political developments. Th

    Published November - December 2016 - The Fountain

    “Let Us Speak with Our Hearts,” We Said

    There are many concealed paths connecting all of our hearts. As every individual continues on their life journey, they will experience solidarity with other groups or people at surprising times, either intentionally or unint

    Published November - December 2016 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    The Strategy Game of Our Immune System

    The organs and systems of the human body work together in perfect harmony. If kept in optimal condition, they function for many years. Our body is the perfect environment for life, but not necessarily just for our own cells.

    Published November - December 2016 - Brian Turk

    Archimedes Universe

    Staring upwards at the vast night sky, which is riddled with stars, have you ever wondered just how many stars are up there? And more fundamentally, just how many things – i.e., particles – are up there? For peop

    Published November - December 2016 - Adeel M. Khan

    Mosquitoes for Painless Cure

    Microneedles in Medical Treatment – Can Science and Technology Mimic a Mosquito Bite to Cure Diseases?

    There are biological barriers that protect the human body from various kinds of detrimental and foreign su

    Published November - December 2016 - Kamil Ezgin

    A Culture of Peace

    The 21st century finds humanity at a crossroads. After centuries of material progress have brought undreamed of comforts, and travel and communications opened the world to us, we have reached a perfect storm of unprecedented

    Published November - December 2016 - Deborah Moldow

    Is It Possible to Measure Everything?

    Over the centuries, humankind has spent a great deal of effort on measuring almost everything we encounter in our daily lives. Even the earliest societies attempted to express mass, length, and time in terms of numbers. Alth

    Published November - December 2016 - Dennis Joy

    The Future of Staying Connected

    The Web turned 20 in 2011 (the first web page was launched on August 6, 1991). Today, there are 644, 275,754 web pages, according to, and even that is not the most accurate number, considering the dynamics of th

    Published November - December 2016 - Mubina Muftc

    Ghayra ( Endeavor )

    Endeavor (ghayra) literally means making every effort of concern, and being alert in striving to preserve chastity, honor, and esteem. It signifies being on the alert in respect of religious prohibitions. God is lim

    Published November - December 2016 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    Letting Beings Be

    There is a growing awareness that the natural world cannot sustain modern civilization in its present form. Humanity must change if the whole chain of life is to continue living on Earth. A plausible solution for the persist

    Published November - December 2016 - Al Freeman


    The story of African Americans and their encounter with Islam in the twentieth century is a fascinating American story featuring some celebrated names, like the great champion Muhammad Ali and the political leader Malcolm X. When

    Published November - December 2016 - Abdullah Aymaz

    Through A Mirror Brightly

    Historians and other students of history will look back at the 21st century and see that it passed through three phases.

    The First Period

    This first phase saw a rise in conservatism, fueled by quasi-taxpayer

    Published November - December 2016 - Tony Mitchell

    When Our Brain Asks for Help Remembering

    The first time you rode your bicycle, the first day of the school, or the time you ran into an old friend: all these may still be fresh in your memory. Immediately recognizing the faces of your friends is only one of many am

    Published November - December 2016 - Geffrey Olsen

    NOT EVEN WATER! Turkey’s Refugees in America

    Safiye is a teacher who fled Turkey a day before the July 15, 2016, attempted coup. She left to join her husband, who had already left in June and had settled in Seattle. With h

    Published November - December 2016 - Sophia Pandya

    The Lace Decorating the Beyond

    On the slopes of emerald hills
    Voices and whispers stir our happiness
    Heavenly fountains cascade in all corners
    At the eternal reunion gates
    Every moment, each soul is wrapped in delights


    Published November - December 2016 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    Consultation and Sumbission

    Question: When a consultation committee makes a decision but the decision seems to contradict some of the participants’ minds and opinions, then what would be the best attitude for them to take moving forward?<

    Published November - December 2016 - The Fountain

    Science Square

    Neutralizing the Zika virus
    Sapparapu G et al. Neutralizing human antibodies prevent Zika virus replication and fetal disease in mice. Nature, November 2016.

    Scientists have ide

    Published November - December 2016 - The Fountain