Issue 118

  • Science as a product of Faith

    In his newly released novel The Prisoner of Al-Hakim, Bradley Steffens tells the story of Alhasan Ibn Al-Haytham, one of the greatest minds in the history of science. Ibn Al-Haytham is known for his pioneering studi

    Published July - August 2017 - The Fountain

    The Travelers of Light

    The travelers of light have always endeavored to surpass mere corporeality. Their attitude has always manifested in a determination to bid farewell to ordinary, human feelings. Voicing their heart and soul at all times, they

    Published July - August 2017 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    I Am An Immigrant

    I really am an immigrant. I am British and I (rather favorably) married an Austrian girl and we have lived in Austria for 36 years. There has been scarcely a hint of Ausländerfeindlichkeit (hostility to foreigners)

    Published July - August 2017 - Lawrence Brazier

    Sea Cucumbers and Their Extraordinary Defense Systems

    Sea cucumbers are soft-bodied invertebrates from the Holothuroidea class of thorns.  Although they are usually a long cylindrical structure reminiscent of worms, some of them are also spherical.  They are so-named because

    Published July - August 2017 - Rumeysa Yazar

    The 21st Century: The Holistic Age

    The world is in need of a new enlightenment – a Holistic age that will save it.


    “The whole society becomes visible to itself as an imperishable living unit. Generations of individua

    Published July - August 2017 - Billy von Raven

    One Cup of Tea, Please!

    Tea is one of the most popular drinks in the world. Soon, it might be even more popular – because it just might save your life.

    An apple a day keeps the doctor away – or so the old adage goes. Can the s

    Published July - August 2017 - Ali M. Kahveci

    Ightirab - Doubled Separation

    Ightirab (doubled separation) is a feeling resembling that which arises from falling into error after reform, or night following day, or the darkness of distress that surrounds the heart after exhilaration. Those wh

    Published July - August 2017 - The Fountain

    The Faithful

    I felt Your Infinite Mercy in my soul,
    While wrapped all around
    With the divine fear’s glowing coal.
    As my hopes overflowed my heart
    My aspirations faded with Your Majesty.

    So many time

    Published July - August 2017 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    The Vital Tasks of Trace Elements

    Most living things, including the human body, are made up of only 11 elements. We know the major elements, like hydrogen, oxygen, and carbon, but what about the lesser known trace elements? They, too, have vital tasks. 

    Published July - August 2017 - Noah Weaver

    Minorities Opposing Oppression: Hanukah and Jihad

    All of us need to avoid negativity, especially at times of persecution and oppression. Everyone needs to retain their trust in God and their future.


    In Arabic, the word Jihad is a noun meanin

    Published July - August 2017 - Allen S. Maller

    Take Up the Pen, Not the Sword

    Bradley Steffens’ fine work of historical fiction, “The Prisoner of Al-Hakim,” begins quietly, with two friends sitting in a study, talking about mathematics. One of these friends is Ibn al-Haytham, or Alha

    Published July - August 2017 - Justin Pahl

    Protecting Our Privacy – or what is left of it

    Do we have to give up our privacy for better security? This has long been debated on Capitol Hill [1]. The discussion stems from the mass surveillance methods deployed by a number of government agencies – actions that are perfor

    Published July - August 2017 - Veli Keskin

    Abraham - A Story of True Submission

    At a time of tension between different religious and cultural voices, Abraham – the patriarch of monotheism – could be a uniting force.


    Imagine a situation where you have no

    Published July - August 2017 - Hakan Yesilova


    Question: What does taqwa mean and what needs to be done to achieve it?

    Taqwa is having the due high regard for God Almighty. And those who adopt it as their life philosophy and acco

    Published July - August 2017 - The Fountain

    Tomatoes Might Be a Key to Preventing Skin Cancer

    Tomatoes Might Be a Key to Preventing Skin Cancer
    Cooperstone JL et al. Tomatoes protect against development of UV-induced keratinocyte carcinoma via metabolomic alterations. Scientific Reports, July

    Published July - August 2017 - The Fountain