Issue 120

  • Is There an American Muslim Song?

    This question, posed by Dr. Ingrid Mattson during her address at the conference “Islam in America: Civic and Religious Youth Identities,” stresses the need for Islam to start feeling at home in the so-called &ldqu

    Published November - December 2017 - The Fountain

    Perhaps One Day We, Too, Will Be Revived

    In our gloomy lands, we have waited years for a breeze of revival, expecting the momentous sound of a resurrecting trumpet. Though we hope God will not make us wait any longer, we are determined to actively wait until the da

    Published November - December 2017 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    Water Management and the Qur’an

    Water is a unique blessing, given to all living beings. It needs to be used with balance, harmony, economy, and justice. Agriculture, industry, and ecology depend on our water sources. What happens in one country may affect

    Published November - December 2017 - Harun Avci

    Ethics: A Principle in Islamic Epistemology

    Islam has been ordained for higher objectives designed to refine the conduct of those who endeavor to follow its guidance. The hope is to yield benefits both for society and individuals. These honorable objectives aim at pro

    Published November - December 2017 - Ali Gomaa

    In A Different Light

    Our cause is not the acceptance or rejection of religion, or the debate of Faith against Reason. We wish to make faith a matter of reason because, if the mystics are right, reason is not necessarily a matter of thought. We a

    Published November - December 2017 - Lawrence Brazier

    Awesome Inspirations from SHARK SKIN

    There are more than 500 species of sharks that have been identified. They can live both in the sea and in fresh water. According to the fossil records obtained to date, sharks have been around for about 400 million years. Th

    Published November - December 2017 - Adam Allison

    Saadi Shirazi’s Influence on Ralph Waldo Emerson

    “To Baron von Hammer Purgstall, who died in Vienna in 1856, we owe our best knowledge of the Persians,” wrote Ralph Waldo Emerson (d. 1882) in his essay “Persian Poetry.” Thus, it was an Austrian Orient

    Published November - December 2017 - Mubina Muftc

    Ghayba (Absence)

    Literally meaning disappearance and no longer being existent, ghayba (absence) denotes that the heart has cut its relationship with the corporeal world in order to give itself to exclusive devotion to God. Although

    Published November - December 2017 - The Fountain

    Stem Cell Treatments A Breakthrough in Medical Science

    There have been certain moments in human history that have stunned humanity and changed the way we thought. Some have even altered the very course of civilization. The late twentieth century and the beginning of the twenty-f

    Published November - December 2017 - Rafiq Ebrahim

    Arteries and Veins – How and Why Are They Different?

    The human body is an ideal example of the perfect harmony between structure and function; every part serves a purpose.

    Arteries and veins differ in many ways, including diameter, strength, durability, and valv

    Published November - December 2017 - Omer Yildiz

    Is There an American Muslim Song?

    Islam in America presents a growing field of research for social scientists who explore Muslim societies and the contentions that arise around them, given the current political and cultural context in the United States. Only

    Published November - December 2017 - Zara Khan

    On Bodies

    Having a body is a strange thing – stranger, still, when you think about how rarely we consider our bodies and what goes on inside of them. When was the last time you stopped while taking the stairs two at a time

    Published November - December 2017 - Justin Pahl

    Teenagers and Eating Disorders

    “You look great. Have you lost weight?” Most of us enjoy such compliments. Our culture’s messages maintain the importance of being slim. Dieting, exercising, skipping meals, body dissatisfaction, and a d

    Published November - December 2017 - Gunel Mehraliyeva

    Prejudice and Ways to Avoid It in Education

    Prejudices are attitudes that may lead to the stereotyping of and discrimination against certain groups, usually minorities. Psychologists have conducted detailed studies on prejudice. In this article, we’ll approach p

    Published November - December 2017 - Esra Akdogan

    I See No Difference

    “I do not see color, or culture, or any sort of difference about anyone because that leads to discrimination; everyone is the same anyways.”
    My ears picked up on this conversation right before a crowded o

    Published November - December 2017 - Zuleyha B. Ozturk

    System Blindness and the Lifespan of a Society

    Question: It usually is inevitable to lose motivation in good works, which, like other things, may become ordinary and monotonous in time. Is this a consequence of system blindness? What can be done to

    Published November - December 2017 - The Fountain

    Hidden Oceans in Frozen Worlds

    Hidden Oceans in Frozen Worlds

    Saxena P. et al. Relevance of tidal heating on large TNOs. Icarus, December 2017.

    Searching for alien life, a new study from NASA suggests that some icy worlds i

    Published November - December 2017 - The Fountain