Issue 121

  • Time Moves On

    Time moves on – and it moves really fast! Busy with day-to-day affairs, many of us live for short-term objectives; the finer details of life become less significant. In this issue, “The Council of the Mute” is

    Published January - February 2018 - The Fountain

    To Remain Fresh and Strive for Renewal

    Relying upon the air, sun, water, and soil, a seed sprouts and eventually becomes a bud. Soon, this bud has become a full plant with grain-bearing ears. And when the appointed time is up, they bend to one side and return to

    Published January - February 2018 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    Mmm, Mmm, Popcorn!

    Who doesn't love popcorn! Eating popcorn is fun for everybody especially for kids. James Hörner’s [1] poem below might express feelings of Americans for popcorn that they consume 16 billion quarts annually [2].

    Published January - February 2018 - Safiye Arslan

    Education: Reconstructing Norms and Empowering Dialogue

    “…all cultures are partial and benefit from the insights of others [resulting in a genuine global universalism that] can be arrived at only by means of an uncoerced and equal intercultural [or inte

    Published January - February 2018 - Phyllis Robinson

    The Council of the Mute

    Some scholars and poets once formed a group called the Council of the Mute.

    There were thirty of them, and they did not admit new members. The first requirement for being a member was engaging in deep contemplati

    Published January - February 2018 - The Fountain

    Islam and Capitalist Modernity

    How Have Muslims Sought to Respond to the Challenges?

    There are some who say Islam and Western capitalism are at odds, but as with any faith or ideology, there are many different strains of Muslim thought on the

    Published January - February 2018 - Stefan Pacovski

    Future of Innovation: Ideas and Trends

    When we watch science fiction movies, and see all the incredible, futuristic technologies on the screen, many of us wonder when these technologies will be available: flying cars, spaceships, teleportation, and many others...

    Published January - February 2018 - Harotio I. Davis

    Waqt (Time)

    In the language of Islamic Sufism, waqt (time) denotes the time when the Divine gifts pour on a traveler to the Ultimate Truth in accordance with one’s nearness to Him. These gifts invade the inner world with

    Published January - February 2018 - The Fountain

    How to Deal with Pain

    Pain is like our sixth sense. Biology classes and textbooks consider pain as a sensation stemming from some injury to cells or tissue, which may have died, so it is wise to pay attention when we feel pain. One may consider p

    Published January - February 2018 - Omer Yildiz

    3 Lessons from Mount Fuji

    Every nation has something to be proud of. Japan has Mount Fuji, a mountain that proudly stands at 3,776 meters. Although less high than other iconic peaks around the world, it is still a challenge to climb.

    Life le

    Published January - February 2018 - Nahida Esmail

    The Thorny Devil: A Lizard with Unusual Physical Features

    Australia is an extraordinary part of the earth, with its scorching sand mountains that stretch across barren plains, rock columns each unique and amazing, labyrinth-like domes that rise like towers, spine-chilling cliffs, m

    Published January - February 2018 - Rumeysa Yazar

    Too Often

    Too often, O God,
    the terrors of the world
    seem to overwhelm
    the promises of Your love.
    Too often, O God,
    the smallness of our talents,
    resources and opportunities

    Published January - February 2018 - Ed Stevenson

    Who Taught Science to Dolphins?

    Teaching science is sometimes a challenge, and teachers need to find ways to draw kids’ attention. Young children are naturally interested in the behavior of animals. They especially enjoy making friends with pets and

    Published January - February 2018 - Yakup Kagan

    Scientists have cloned monkeys; are humans next?

    Liu, Z. et al. Cloning of macaque monkeys by somatic cell nuclear transfer. Cell, January 2018.

    After two decades of failures, scientists have finally cloned monkeys using somatic cell nuclear transf

    Published January - February 2018 - The Fountain