Issue 13

  • Action And Thought

    The line of struggle followed by the righteous people to whom God promised the future of the world may be summed up in two words: action and thought. In fact, the way to true existence is action and t hought, and likewise the way

    Published January - March 1996 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    The Wonder of Rain

    Who sends down rain from the sky in due measure-and We raise to life therewith a dead land; even so will you be raised [from the dead].


    Published January - March 1996 - H. Baki

    Ibn Rushd on Anatomy

    Ibn Rushd was one of the greatest intellectual geniuses in human history. He was acquainted with all the sciences of his time and an authority in several of them-philosophy, jurisprudence, astronomy, and medi

    Published January - March 1996 - A. Sahin

    Compassion and Mercy

    Human beings have always lived with troubles and hardships. It is the kind of troubles they face that changes, not the fact that they face them. Therefore, people in every age have looked for relief and deliverance. For all the ma

    Published January - March 1996 - Dr. O. Cetin

    Sociological Principles of The Qur'an

    Sociology is the study of events, trends and relationships in human societies. Through such study we learn the principles that societies are based upon, how they develop and which factors strengthen or weaken them.


    Published January - March 1996 - Suat Yildirim


    In all biological systems, the organism of the future is encoded in the macro molecular structure of DNA (Deoxyribonucleic Acid). It is this molecular architecture, present in every cell, that determines all the characteristics of

    Published January - March 1996 - N. Butt

    Discipline In The Home

    Bringing up children successfully means caring for them so that they grow up to be independent, responsible human beings. That entails training them-as much through example as through precept-in a rounded and balanced way which pa

    Published January - March 1996 - M. A. Sahin

    Mary and Prophet Jesus

    ‘O Mary! God gives you glad tidings of a Word from Him: his name is the Messiah [Christ] Jesus son of Mary, honoured in this world and in the Hereafter, and among those nearest [to God]. (Al

    Published January - March 1996 - Ahmet Guc

    Music of Rain

    Drops of rain,as if smiles from the worlds beyond,
    Travel here and there seeking the seas they parted from.

    They fall with the sound of plucked lute-strings;
    And hearing it, the earth begins to breathe.

    Published January - March 1996 - The Fountain

    Reflections On The Existence Of The Creator (Issue 13)

    All living creatures are formed out of the same elements. You were completely unknown to the whole world nine months before your birth. Like everybody else from the time of Adam and Eve you were an object-fluid semen in the veins

    Published January - March 1996 - The Fountain

    Health Care For The Elderly

    The dramatic growth in the number of elderly people is one of the most remarkable features of industrial societies in this century. People are living longer and enjoying an increased expectation of life. In Britain since 1900 the

    Published January - March 1996 - N. Butt

    Alcohol and Socio-Medical Problems

    Alcohol has been used since antiquity for many purposes including real and imagined benefits: ‘As a social lubricant, aperitif and mild “anaesthetic” it holds pride of place; as a drug of addiction, a physical poison and a c

    Published January - March 1996 - Dr. Muhammed Ali Albar

    Questions for Today


    False arguments about the origin of existe

    Published January - March 1996 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    Life in Other Places

    Science is still unable to explain what life really is. This world is the arena where God manifests His Will from behind the veil of what we experience and describe as ‘natural causes’, but life is the result of the direct man

    Published January - March 1996 - Ali Unal

    The Cure

    As he walked through the park to the hospital, he observed with special pleasure how the morning sunlight entered through the trees and down into the little petals of flowers. He was going to the hospital for an operation and walk

    Published January - March 1996 - Y. Alan

    Evolution: A Theory in Crisis

    Any large natural history museum in any Western city that has one must have an exhibit of man’s supposed descent from ape-like ancestors. And every biology schoolroom will have at least a wall-poster teaching the same thing. No

    Published January - March 1996 - The Fountain