Issue 14

  • The Irresistible Power of Religion

    In whatever way the world changes, however advanced sciences and technology are, and whatever changes take place in ways of thinking, the feeling of attachment to a religion has always been the primary factor in the formation of t

    Published April - June 1996 - M. Fethullah Gulen


    Think of yourself as pilot of a light aircraft confronted with the task of completing, in one or two months, a journey involving 50 to 200 hours of flight. Imagine also that winds on average blow about five times faster than norma

    Published April - June 1996 - M. Koyuncu

    Spiders Master Hunters

    P. Alluster
    Spiders are a species of arachnids in the family of animals called anthropods. All spiders are predatory, feeding mainly on insects, and are very efficient hunters. Many (not all) weave

    Published April - June 1996 - P. Allister

    Qur'anic Epistemology

    By Qur’anic epistemology, we mean how the Qur’an describes knowledge and the way to seek it. But you may ask, why look for an epistemology different from that of modern science? Doesn’t technology prove the effectivene

    Published April - June 1996 - Y. Mermer

    The Extraordinary Virtues of Mucus

    Mucus is our first barrier against the outside world. It is found on the luminal side of most epithelial surfaces, for instance the mouth, respiratory tract, gastrointestinal tract, urogenital tract, joint surfaces and corneal sur

    Published April - June 1996 - N. Aksoy

    The Revival of Prophetic And Herbal Medicine

    The example of Prophet Muhammad, upon him be peace, is explicitly commended in the Qur’an as the best pattern for believers to follow. Therefore, the practice and precepts of the Prophet have been

    Published April - June 1996 - Dr. Muhammed Ali Albar

    List of Virtue

    A great and powerful emperor who longed to rule with justice and wisdom summoned one of his counsellors to his court. There, he commanded the cousellor to obtain the answers to a number of questions which the emperor would put to

    Published April - June 1996 - The Fountain


    We are on a journey, equipped with belief and resolution,
    Walking without stopping to surmount all obstacles;
    With hopes fresh as days breaking after nights.
    And the future worlds appear in mists from ahead

    Published April - June 1996 - The Fountain

    Reflections On The Existence of The Creator

    In winter, the visible signs of vigorous plant and animal life all but disappear. Trees have lost all of their leaves, insects have said farewell to life, many reptiles have buried themselves in earth for a long hibernation,

    Published April - June 1996 - The Fountain

    Cancer and Heredity

    Cancer is a complex group of diseases which affect different cells and tissues in the body. It is characterized by the loss of normal cell control which results in unregulated growth, lack of differentiation, and ability to invade

    Published April - June 1996 - Dr. H. Ulucan

    What Makes A Person?

    The definition of personhood, and the related questions of how to define the beginning and the end of a human life, are among the most widely discussed issues in bioethics at the present time. The outcome of this discussion is vit

    Published April - June 1996 - Dr. S. Aksoy

    Games And Toys

    Games, sports and play with toys are an important part of a fully rounded programme of education. We hope for the day when educational psychologists and other professionals in the field who believe in the reality of God and affirm

    Published April - June 1996 - M. A. Sahin

    Killing for Religion

    Modern Western consciousness is manipulated and, to some extent, entrapped, by slogans. Conceptions like democracy, freedom and human rights are only the three most effective of the slogan words which are used to benumb Western pu

    Published April - June 1996 - Ali Unal