Issue 23

  • The Undiscovered Greatness Of Our World

    For those who have attained the happiness of knowing this world from within faith, hope and an experience of the realms beyond this world, there is still an undiscovered greatness and magic in this world. For those who have felt a

    Published July - September 1998 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    Prenatal Diagnosis : Watching Unborn Babies

    For many parents, pregnancy is an exciting and happy experience. For others, the experience of friends or family make them apprehensive that their baby may be born with a severe physical or mental disability. In fact, about one i

    Published July - September 1998 - Dr. S. Aksoy

    Hayy Bin Yaqzan : A Contrasting Vision Of Man And Nature

    A Latin translation of Hayy bin Yaqzan by the English Arabist, Edward Pocock, published in Oxford in 1672, was reprinted in 1700. Then, an English translation (from the Latin) was published in London in 1708, the very year Alexan

    Published July - September 1998 - F. B. Rahim

    Fethullah Gulen :His Remarkable Achievement

    Fethullah Gulen, more familiarly known by the affectionate and respectful title of Hodja Effendi, is a contemporary Islamic scholar of remarkable achievement. He combines profound, rigorous learning in the traditional Islamic sci

    Published July - September 1998 - The Fountain

    The Pure Path

    One night I had a vision of the future so bright;
    There was a peaceful silence and was pouring light upon light

    Things were being done with the precision of clockwork;
    Centuries-old confusions disappeared one

    Published July - September 1998 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    Reflections On The Existence And Unity Of The Creator 612

    On observing the face of the earth in summertime, we see that an infinite generosity and absolute liberality, which could be expected to cause disorder and confusion, are apparent within an infinite order and harmony. See all the

    Published July - September 1998 - The Fountain

    Buckministerfullerene: The Third Crystalline Form Of The Carbon Atom

    To be awarded with a Nobel Prize in science is one of the most honorable present for the scientist in the world, New forms of the element carbon-called fullerens was first discovered in september 1985 by Robert F. Curl, Harold W.

    Published July - September 1998 - Aydin Demircan

    No Difference Between A Governor And A Subject

    Abu Ubayda commanded the Muslim armies fighting in Syria during the early years of the Caliphate of Umar. It was during one of those fightings that when night fell, the two sides retreated to rest. The Muslims suffered from lack o

    Published July - September 1998 - A. Sahin