Issue 27

  • Sufism And Its Origins

    Sufism (tasawwuf) is the path followed by Sufis (adherents of Islamic mysticism) to reach the Truth-God. While this term usually expresses the theoretical or philosophical aspect of this search, its practical aspect is usually re

    Published July - September 1999 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    Evaluating The Theory Of Evolution

    The word "evolution" comes from the Latin verb volvere, meaning "to roll, wind, turn around, or twist around." In the last two centuries, the word has come to mean a "process of change from a simpler, or worse state to one t

    Published July - September 1999 - Alvin C. Roseyard

    Common Ground Between Islam And Christianity

    For many, Islam and Christianity have little in common. More than a few Christians misperceive Islam as a religion of the sword and of oppression, while many Muslims see Christianity as permissive and rampant with sin. Yet, much

    Published July - September 1999 - Charles Nelson

    The Necessity Of Dialogue

    The word "dialogue" derives from two roots: "dia" means "through" and "logos" comprises many overlapping semantic fields and signifies, among others, "word" and "meaning". For us the word dialogue, which is also used i

    Published July - September 1999 - Mike Leterfield

    The Electronic Tongue

    Our sense of taste results from our tongue’s ability to identify sweet, salty, bitter, and sour substances. Different substances stimulate unique combinations of these four characteristics, and our tongue can distinguish subtlet

    Published July - September 1999 - Berk Sar

    Miraculous Animals: Senses

    Animals are spectacular creations. Not only do they have their unique shapes, sizes, colors, and attributes, but also they have incredible senses that enable them to survive and communicate in this world, in a very different (and

    Published July - September 1999 - Suzan Mutlu

    A Caspian Pipeline Decision

    During the last 5 years, there has been-and still is-an ongoing debate on how to exploit oil and gas reserves in newly-emerged Central Asian republics. The question is not restricted to business; it was a question of politics and

    Published July - September 1999 - Yusuf Toprak

    Educating Our Minds

    We can build a strong, healthy, and well-formed body through body-building exercises. This raises the following question: If we can "educate" our body through relatively simple body-building exercises, can we "educate" our min

    Published July - September 1999 - Seyda Okcu

    Advances In Radar Imaging

    Radar, a contraction of the words radio detection and ranging, is an electronic device for detecting and locating objects. It operates by transmitting a particular waveform pattern and detects the nature

    Published July - September 1999 - Ercan Demiroz

    A New Genre Is Coming To Life

    In the music world there is music and then there is "Kitaro's music." Thousands of listeners have gathered throughout the United States during the last few months to enjoy the unique sounds of Kitaro's last live tour of

    Published July - September 1999 - Talha Sarac

    Questions And Answers

    The Prophet says that at the sixth week of the embryo's development in the mother's womb, God sends an angel who writes whether the person to come into the world will be righteous and prosperous or wicked

    Published July - September 1999 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    One Remedy

    O brother who thinks of the pleasures of this world and suffers distress at illness! If this world were everlasting, and if on our way there was no death, and if the winds of separation and disease did not blow, and if there were

    Published July - September 1999 - The Fountain