Issue 31

  • Editorial (Issue 31)

    The Tool Is Dialogue

    Establishing peace between people of different religions, backgrounds, and nationalities has always been a primary concern of civilized nations. Such a goal cannot be achieved overnight, of c

    Published July - September 2000 - Dr Isa Sarac

    The Necessity Of Interfaith Dialogue

    People are talking about peace, contentment, ecology, justice, tolerance, and dialogue. Unfortunately, the prevailing materialist worldview disturbs the balance between humanity and nature and within individuals. This harmony and

    Published July - September 2000 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    A Falling Rock

    Any observant person recognizes that there is a magnificent, astonishing, and unbelievable order in the universe and what happens within it. Moreover, scientists cannot help but notice that things are so incredibly well-adjusted t

    Published July - September 2000 - Ali Kaya

    Spirituality and Religion in the Workplace

    What is the meaning of work in my life? Does my work contribute something meaningful to society? Is it reasonable to expect to have a job in which I really love what I am doing? Am I willing to sacrifice to have this kind of job?

    Published July - September 2000 - Yasemin Acikel

    Islam's Tolerance Toward Christians

    The Qur’an calls Christians and Jews “the People of the Book,” meaning those who have a Divinely revealed holy hook that they follow. Toward the end of the Makkan era of the Prophet’s life, the Qur’an began to mention th

    Published July - September 2000 - Suat Yildirim

    Computer And Video Games And Violence

    Our world continues to advance rapidly, especially when it concerns technology. As computerization has many aspects, and since everyday routines revolve around computers, we must study its effects on people.


    Published July - September 2000 - Saken Sherkhanov

    Journeying Intelligently

    Nearly a century after Henry Ford’s Model T allowed almost everyone to dr

    Published July - September 2000 - Dr. B. Gunay

    Trends In Energy Markets In The Near Future

    As we enter the new millennium, economic growth and technological progress seem to be promising in most developing countries. However, whether their existing energy systems will support a fast-growing economy remains a crucial que

    Published July - September 2000 - Yusuf Toprak

    Human Perfection

    Are we meant to be more than just intelligent animals?

    With respect to action and bodily endeavors, we are no more than weak animals or helpless creatures. The realm at our disposal is so limited that our fingers

    Published July - September 2000 - Bediuzzaman Said Nursi

    Wrong Timing Wounded Conscious

    It was always the 1968 generation. It was considered an insult not to recall them when mention was made of that year. Critical, revolutionary, taboo destroyer, pacifist, an individualistic protester who emphasizes the individual a

    Published July - September 2000 - Nihal B. Karaca

    Virtual Park

    The tradition of our scientific and technological explosion continues in the new millennium as an inheritance from the nineteenth and twentieth centuries. The need to publicize scientific dev

    Published July - September 2000 - Yasin Kesen

    Why do we need to worship God?


    What is the point of worship, and why does it have to be done in a certain way?


    Consider our position in this universe. We are neither omnipotent nor self-sufficient,

    Published July - September 2000 - Hikmet Isik

    Travel to Your Heart

    Modern men and women are in search of meaningful existence as they encounter materialist culture, which consumes their inner peace and sense of wholeness and integrity. Human life is full of challenges. But of all the challenges t

    Published July - September 2000 - Abdulaziz Sachedina