Issue 40

  • Universal Mercy and Education

    The adage nowadays is that we all need love. So many people are talking about this. Islam teaches us that God's act of creating humanity was an act of mercy and compassion. Compassion represents the love between parents and childr

    Published October - December 2002 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    Increasing Brainpower

    Brainpower can be defined as intellectual ability combined with intelligence, creativity, and learning ability. The brain is made of living tissues that can restructure itself, and is composed of billions of neurons with the same

    Published October - December 2002 - Alvin C. Roseyard

    Music Therapy

    In 1944 Edgar Cayce, who healed thousands of people while in a trance state, said "Music is the medicine of the future."(1)
    Currently, some religious scholars in the Islamic world denounce music. This paper analyzes the Isl

    Published October - December 2002 - Dr. Ibrahim B. Syed

    Indigenous Culture and the Western Concept of Development

    The term development is frequently used in third world countries as a normative concept to imply improvement. But who defines improvement? A spontaneous reply might be that œthe norms for improvement are the same as those provide

    Published October - December 2002 - Imran Sabir

    Metaphors in Science

    Metaphors are generally considered to be poetic linguistic expressions. However, we often use symbolic language and analogies in our daily lives when trying to explain what we see and hear, how we feel and think. Some common examp

    Published October - December 2002 - Zainab Goonay

    Perfect Math in Nature

    Although many Qur'anic verses encourage us to search for God's art in nature, probably few of us have ever taken the time to do so. For example, how many of us have ever analyzed the number or arrangement of a flower's petals? If

    Published October - December 2002 - Suat Namli

    The Destructive Force of Greed

    No Qur'anic verse better sums up the world's current condition than this one. Today's world, ruled by unchecked global capitalism, is in grave trouble. Never before has the world seen such a gulf between the haves and the have not

    Published October - December 2002 - Steven Krauss

    The Holy Month of Ramadan

    The month of Ramadan in which the Qur'an was revealed, a guidance for humanity, clear signs of guidance and the criterion. (2:158)

    First point:Fasting Ramadan is one of Islam's foremost pillars and gre

    Published October - December 2002 - Bediuzzaman Said Nursi

    Plastic Electronics

    The 1981 movie The Graduate ends with a remarkable scene in which Dustin Hoffman (the young college graduate Benjamin) is advised to continue his carrier with plastics. A quarter century later, Benjamin would not have regretted fo

    Published October - December 2002 - Hamza Balci

    Nature: a book to be contemplated

    Nature is a wonderfully designed masterpiece of art. As humanity is in continuous contact with nature, our relationship with it has always been significant. What does nature mean to us? Although we have a strong relationship with

    Published October - December 2002 - Dr. Zeki Saritoprak

    Honesty and Deception

    Ethics and accountability have become important themes for modern government, as most countries are experiencing a severe crisis of legitimacy. Increasingly, there is a feeling that performance management alone will not solve this

    Published October - December 2002 - Dr. Naim F. Erdem

    Genetic Engineering's impact on our lives

    Humanity's efforts to control nature dates back as far as recorded history. However, our mastery over nature has given rise to serious concerns. Some see it as opposing God's word, while others see it as disturbing Mother Nature's

    Published October - December 2002 - Habibe Erkin

    The Status of Dhimmis in the Ottoman Empire

    The Ottoman Empire recognized three groups of non-Muslim minorities: ahl al-kitab (People of the Book), ahl al-dhimma (protected minorities), and non-Muslims. They are not forced to follow Islamic law, have considerable freedom of

    Published October - December 2002 - Dr. Bekir Aksoy

    Kingdom of Children

    Culture and Controversy in the Homeschooling Movement

    Although, there is a lack of theoretical and philosophical background to understand the homeschooling movement I would like to use s

    Published October - December 2002 - Gulcin Aydin

    Why does God tell Muslims to fast?

    Q: Why does God tell Muslims to fast?

    A: The sparrow hawk's swooping contributes to the sparrow's alertness and evolving skills of escape. Although rain, electricity, or fire sometimes harms people, no one

    Published October - December 2002 - Hikmet Isik