Issue 46

  • Editorial (Issue 46

    Can you imagine a baby, newly delivered and handed over to the mother, feeling hate and regret emanating from the mother? This would be an extremely rare, unnatural event, one that would only occur under unfavorable circumstances.

    Published April - June 2004 - The Fountain

    Love for Humankind

    Love is an elixir; a human lives with love, is made happy by love and makes those around him or her happy with love. In the vocabulary of humanity, love is life; we feel and sense each other with love. God Almighty has not created

    Published April - June 2004 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    Emotional Intelligence

    Research has shown that Intelligence Quotient (IQ) alone is not a guarantee of success in life. Today, you need a high IQ plus a high Emotional Quotient (EQ) to ensure development as a “whole person.” The two are inextricably

    Published April - June 2004 - Dr. Steve Sablack

    Celestial Reflections

    In cosmic jargon, a planet is said to be at “opposition” when the Sun is on one side of the Earth and the planet is on the opposite side. On 27 August 2003, the Sun, Earth, and Mars lined up in rare opposition: the orbits of E

    Published April - June 2004 - Baha Abushagra

    The Book of Daniel

    In this work we focus on the character analysis of Daniel as a man chosen by God. The King James’s Bible was used as the main text. We have tried to understand the text within its own context, independently from other reve

    Published April - June 2004 - Mustafa Tabanli

    The Golden Ratio

    It is very obvious that there is an amazing system at work in the universe. Words are usually insufficient to explain this perfection. Therefore, one must refer to the different language and approach of mathematics. Characteristic

    Published April - June 2004 - Dr. Sami Polatoz

    A Nursi Reader - Be Kind to Your Parents

    In this series of articles, A Nursi Reader, the aim is to present the thoughts of the famous Islamic scholar Bediuzzaman Said Nursi (1877-1960) on a variety of topics, using his own writings. As a prolific writer, Nursi has writte

    Published April - June 2004 - Dr. Zeki Saritoprak

    Genomes and Languages

    Languages are actually not that different from genes. Just as you would expect events like the Barbarian Migrations of the 5th century, or the Bubonic plague of the 14th century to leave marks on the gene pools of the surviving po

    Published April - June 2004 - Hakan Ufuk

    Artificial Intelligence vs. the Mind

    In the last fifty years, computer technology has led a new discussion centered on Artificial Intelligence (AI) vs. the mind. The main aim in AI is to construct systems which behave in ‘logical’ ways as far as possible. While a

    Published April - June 2004 - Fatih Gelgi

    Discussions on the Meaning of Life

    One day a traveler in the desert was being pursued by a ferocious animal; he saw in front of him a disused well, the depth of which was sixty meters. He jumped in without looking to see what was at the bottom. However, laying in w

    Published April - June 2004 - Rosemary Steel

    How Did the Earth and Sky, Having Once Been Attached, Part?

    Books concerned with cosmology compare all the characteristics of the period that followed the six phases of creation with the current features of the universe. This period was when matter was given its shape, and when the interac

    Published April - June 2004 - Osman Cakmak

    The Age of the Earth

    Methods of Measuring the Earth’s Age

    All methods of estimating “time” use the same principle: measuring the velocity of natural processes that show continuity over time. One of the most advanced methods of

    Published April - June 2004 - Omer Said Gonullu

    A Moment for Reflection

    The Generosity of ‘Ali ibn Abu Talib
    (May God be pleased with him)

    One day Ali ibn Abu Talib was working in the date orchard. After a long day’s work he loaded a sack of dates on his camel, and headed fo

    Published April - June 2004 - Dogan Koc

    The Effect of Television in the Early Years

    Among the greatest inventions of the twentieth century are devices of mass communications. Every invention can have either a positive or a negative effect, depending on how it is used. TV is one of these inventions that is found i

    Published April - June 2004 - Hasan Aydinli

    What is the purpose of death?

    Although we are confined in this impermanent material world, every one of us has an inborn feeling and yearning for eternity. Our desire for the eternal life is so great that the whole universe would not be compensation enough. I

    Published April - June 2004 - Hikmet Isik

    Turkish Islam and Secular State: The Gulen Movement

    The public role of religion is a source of controversy in almost every corner of the world in the contemporary age. The headscarf issue in France and Turkey, the Ten Commandments monument case in Alabama, US, the stoning sentence

    Published April - June 2004 - Etga Ugur