Issue 47

  • Editorial (Issue 47)

    For years his poetry has been at the top of the bestsellers list. His audience span now covers not only North America, but also the entire world. Special groups of his admirers have formed for poetry readings, séances of Sufi p

    Published July - September 2004 - The Fountain

    Jalaladdin al - Rumi

    There are some significant personalities who with the help of their voice and breath, their love and excitement, and their promise for humanity always remain fresh and alive over the course of centuries. Time evidently fails to ma

    Published July - September 2004 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    Radiocarbon Dating and Questions

    Libby’s discovery, now known as the carbon-14 (or radiocarbon) technique, was a method that could be used to determine the age of organic remains. In the following years, archeologists used this technique extensively and determi

    Published July - September 2004 - H. Huseyin Erdem

    Revelation: A Panacea for Social Problems

    This world is the abode of the human being, and it is a place in which we face many problems throughout our life. The problems that we face may be of diverse natures and of variant types, but all can be classified into three broad

    Published July - September 2004 - Imran Sabir

    When a Finger Moves

    The moment I want to move my finger, a large number of neurons in my brain start sending each other small electrical impulses. These impulses travel from my brain to the rest of my body through the medulla oblongata and the spinal

    Published July - September 2004 - Firat Kocol

    The Question of Lifestyle in Interfaith Relationships

    Acommon expression used in “explaining” an apparent animosity among the members of different faiths is to say that “they are opposed to our lifestyle.” While this phrase is used often and carelessly, few people seem to sto

    Published July - September 2004 - Alphonse Dougan

    Can Artificial Intelligence Be More Advanced than the Human Mind?

    Technology is rapidly improving with time. The machines which we once only read about in novels are now an unavoidable part of our lives. This, of course, makes people wonder about what the future holds; what if the machines that

    Published July - September 2004 - Fatih Gelgi

    Rumi and the Sema


    The human being is equipped in the best possible way, both materially and spiritually. The human is able to achieve the level of “the best of creation,” which

    Published July - September 2004 - Mehmet Seker

    A Nursi Reader - A Message for times of illness

    Although a large portion of the population in all societies is afflicted by a major illness or calamity sometime in their life, most people try not to think about or remember these events, thinking about them only a few days in th

    Published July - September 2004 - Emrah Altunkaya

    Hibernation as a sign of Existence

    What is hibernation? Hibernation is a state of inactivity in an animal brought about by shorter days, colder temperatures and limited food. Hibernation not only eliminates the need for food gathering in the winter, but also allows

    Published July - September 2004 - Ali Demir

    Self - Defense Mechanisms

    Self-defense is an important ability that has been given to living beings to help them survive. If a being cannot defend itself, then staying alive is impossible. Large sums of money are spent on national defense and military arma

    Published July - September 2004 - Dr. Said Guzel

    An Argument on Miracles

    We sometimes read in newspapers or hear from the news on television “A child fell from the fifth floor and didn’t die!” or “A person survived a plane crash and came out without even a scratch!” These events, although fam

    Published July - September 2004 - Arif Sarsilmaz

    The Miraculous World of Oxygen

    All living organisms require oxygen to live. As humans, we breathe to take in oxygen; if we were not to do this we would die as we would not be able to meet our energy needs. Eighteen times more energy is extracted from glucose, a

    Published July - September 2004 - Abdullah Ozer

    Appropriate Messages in Child Training

    An old Chinese proverb says that: “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach him to fish and you feed him for the rest of his life.” This proverb points out the importance of education. There is perhaps no other subj

    Published July - September 2004 - Hasan Aydinli

    A Moment for Reflection

    A Heart Overflowing with Love: Rumi

    I am drunk and you are insane
    Tell me, who will lead us home?
    How many times have I asked you not to drink so much; I see no sober soul in town.
    Come to the tave

    Published July - September 2004 - Ismail Hakki Ozcan

    The Bottom of the Food Chain Plankton

    For many authors throughout history, religion has always been a major point of interest. There are several books written concerning the creation of the world, the existence of a god or gods, and many similar religious topics. Natu

    Published July - September 2004 - Zubeyr Kaya

    What is Sufism?

    Q: What is Sufism?

    A: Sufism is a path followed by Sufis (adherents of Islamic mysticism) to reach the Truth-God. While the term Sufism usually expresses the theoretical or philosophical aspect of this sea

    Published July - September 2004 - Hikmet Isik

    Toward a Global Civilization of Love and Tolerance

    Author: M. Fethullah Gulen / ISBN: 1-932099-68-9
    Price: US$ 14.95 / Publisher: The Light, Inc., New Jersey

    The need for dialogue among people of faith has been underscored b

    Published July - September 2004 - Thomas Michel