Issue 48

  • The World and its Contents from the PERSPECTIVE OF A BELIEVER

    This world is a wonderful vessel for human¬kind, floating in this vast universe, the place that we exist and feel our existence. It is also a warm dwelling, surrounded by magnificent animate and inanimate ornaments, a library t

    Published October - December 2004 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    A Neglected Value in The 21st Century: NEIGHBORLINESS

    Neighborhood and neighborliness is an important social value that is often neglected in this century. Just as in Judaism and Christianity, the rights of neighbors are strongly emphasized in Islam. This article focuses on some of t

    Published October - December 2004 - Alphonse Dougan

    Symmetry and Beauty

    When visiting Moscow University, Paul Adrien Maurice Dirac, the famous physicist and the founder of Quantum Mechanics, as well as being the fifteenth Lucasian Professor of Mathematics at Cambridge University, was asked about his p

    Published October - December 2004 - Bayram Yerlikaya

    Nonprofit Organizations in Modern Societies

    Nonprofit organizations (henceforward “nonprofits”) are those agencies that are nongovernmental entities incorporated under state laws as charitable not-for-profit organizations. They are formed to serve some type of public se

    Published October - December 2004 - Dr. Naim F. Erdem

    Prayer An Inexhaustible Treasure for the Human Spirit (A Nursi Reader)

    There are two Arabic words that describe the nature of prayer. The word “salat” describes prayer through words and performance, such as bowing and prostrating. The word “dua” describes prayer through words, such as asking

    Published October - December 2004 - Dr. Zeki Saritoprak

    Children and Violent Computer Games

    Suddenly he got up from where he was sitting and started to shout. He was furious just because he couldn’t kill the man who was firing at him. He sat down and tried again. He was hopping mad just to get rid of the man opposite h

    Published October - December 2004 - Hasan Aydinli

    Love of Animals in a Contemporary Student of a Timeless Teacher

    Love of animals is a part of the love of the creation. This love is a consequence of the love a believer feels for the universe as a mirror of the Names and Attributes of its Creator. Love of animals is a love a human being feels

    Published October - December 2004 - Alphonse Dougan

    Health Provided Through The Teeth

    Being the product of the cosmic tree, human beings are one of the most complicated biological systems, all-inclusively equipped with both material and spiritual attributes. When examined from diverse points of view, such a multidi

    Published October - December 2004 - Semra Guler

    Collective Intelligence in Ant Colonies

    Social insects such as termites, some bees and wasps in general, and ants in particular, have held a mysterious fascination for men since the beginning of earliest recorded time. No other organism of comparable size, unless it has

    Published October - December 2004 - Hasan Guclu

    CONSTRUCTIVISM in Piaget and Vygotsky

    Constructivism is a new approach in education that claims humans are better able to understand the information they have constructed by themselves. According to constructivist theories, learning is a social advancement that involv

    Published October - December 2004 - Ozgur Ozer

    The Guests of The Palace

    The sandstorm was over. It was a horrible night. The caravan was lost in the middle of nowhere. The camels were taking us to a place we knew nothing about. We were tired and hopeless. However, a miracle happened. After we passed a

    Published October - December 2004 - Dogan Koc

    Is There an Islamic Code of Conduct Concerning Way of Dressing

    Is there an Islamic code of conduct concerning way of dressing?
    There are no formal rules in Islam concerned with the way one wears one’s hair, the style of clothing or anything else related to external appearance.

    Published October - December 2004 - Hikmet Isik

    Thomas Carlyle's On Heroes and Hero-Worship and Heroic in History

    Carlyle was Scottish and lived in England, but he had close relations with the “New World” and had readers in the United States. He had a lifelong friendship with the influential American philosopher, Ralph Waldo Emerson. At h

    Published October - December 2004 - Nuri Delen

    Editorial (Issue 48)

    Humanity is the most honorable member of all creation, a fact underscored by the divine revelation Surely We created man of the best stature (Tin 95:04). Flesh and bones are not the only components of our formation; we are adorned

    Published October - December 2004 - The Fountain