Issue 49

  • Cemetery Culture

    It seems a strange contrast to start a celebration by paying a visit to one’s parents or grandparents in their eternal resting places. But this is exactly what a great majority of Muslims all around the world do on the first

    Published January - March 2005 - The Fountain

    Beauty and the Beautiful

    Beauty elevates our hearts, awakens our souls with sweet excitement and appreciation, and then becomes the esthetic of our inner self. This hard-to-describe phenomenon, this sense that is present in our most joyous moments, is bea

    Published January - March 2005 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    Are Religion and Science Compatible?

    The heated debate about whether religion and science are complimentary or not has been raging for years. Several theologians, philosophers, and scientists have put forward different views on this subject. In this article, we focus

    Published January - March 2005 - Murat Erdin

    Istanbul's Vanished City of the Dead: The Grand Champs des Morts

    With a rich and varied architecture embodying centuries of history, Istanbul is one of the world’s most celebrated cities. Besides the splendid monuments of its classical, Byzantine, and Ottoman heritage, Istanbul’s cemeteries

    Published January - March 2005 - Brian Johnson

    The Message of Meteorites

    According to a news item that appeared in the middle of 2002, there was a 6% probability that a meteorite measuring 2 kilometers in diameter could hit the Earth on February 1, 2019. At the start of September 2003, in a statement m

    Published January - March 2005 - Omer Said Gonullu

    The History of (pi)

    The story starts in 2000 BC with attempts by the Egyptians and Babylonians to compute π. The Egyptians arrived at (4/3)4 3.1604, while the Babylonians found 25/8= 3.125. The Indians used A10 3.1622 for π 3.1415

    Published January - March 2005 - Brian Parker

    Love: the Reason for the Creation of the Universe

    Said Nursi frames his treatise of the Twenty-Fourth Word in his collection of words on a well known Qur’anic verse that discusses God’s beautiful names. God, there is no god but He; His are the Most Beautiful Names (20:8). Us

    Published January - March 2005 - Dr. Zeki Saritoprak

    The Miracles of Water

    Water is the most abundant substance in our world. It has one of the simplest possible chemical formulas: two hydrogen atoms attached to one oxygen atom (H2O). Yet, it is one of the most anomalous substances known to humanity.

    Published January - March 2005 - Nuh Gedik

    Spiders Expand New Horizons in Fiber-Optic Technology

    Spiders, known to be horrifying animals to many, are recognized by us for their role in the ecological balance. If spiders were to be removed from the natural food chain, and thus, from the ecological balance, an explosion in the

    Published January - March 2005 - Dr. Sami Polatoz

    A Rationale for Fiction

    In one of the most comprehensive and intense novels ever written, Jorge Luis Borges launches his story with a scene where a friend is discussing a great idea: “. . .to write a novel in the first person, using a narrator who omit

    Published January - March 2005 - Firat Kocol

    Animals that Challenge the Freezing Temperatures

    One of the natural conditions that animals struggle with is surviving the freezing cold. Cold weather causes great loss in animal life. In some ways, this phenomenon helps balance the animal population and sustains the ecological

    Published January - March 2005 - Cemil Demir

    Eating Habits and Time

    “The things that I fear most for my people are being overweight,
    sleeping too much, laziness and a lack of deep faith.” 1
    Prophet Muhammad<

    Published January - March 2005 - Alphonse Dougan

    Vanity of Worldly Desires

    A gold ingot fell into the hands of a pious man and so turned his head that his enlightened mind became gloomy. He passed the whole night in anxious thought, reflecting, “This treasure will suffice me till the end of my life; no

    Published January - March 2005 - Dogan Koc

    What are Information Sources in Religon?

    Much has been said on the issue of information sources. Some of the people who have commented on this issue have sometimes been restricted by their knowledge and/or faith, thus they have vocalized different opinions.


    Published January - March 2005 - Hikmet Isik

    Fundamentals of Rumi's Thought: A Mevlevi Sufi Perspective

    There are numerous translations of Rumi’s poetry into English, but there was still a need for a book on Rumi’s life and personal character in English. Almost all the translators were Westerners who were mere observers of Sufi

    Published January - March 2005 - Nuri Delen