Issue 52

  • The Universe in a Hologram

    We started 2005 with a tsunami and continue with hurricanes. God knows what may follow Katrina, Rita, Stan . . . but in the face of all these disasters the faithful stand firm in their belief, for whenever a tragedy comes, o

    Published October - December 2005 - The Fountain

    The Inner Profundity of Humankind

    The human being is the essence and the vital element of being, the index and core element of the universe. Human beings are at the center of creation; all other things, living or non-living, compose concentric circles aroun

    Published October - December 2005 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    Fasting: A Divine Treatment For Body and Soul

    and Huseyin BINGUL
    Fasting is a school for the training of both the physical body and the soul, and it has numerous merits and benefits. However, just as with any other act of worship, Muslims ob

    Published October - December 2005 - Adam Asar

    Resonant Egos and The Art of Married Life

    Life is an arena where individuals can reveal the secrets hidden in their ego by interacting with the world. Marriage is a part of life that involves the interaction of two egos that are unique in nature. Egos that are resonant w

    Published October - December 2005 - Sermed Ogretim


    I will start with the cliché: “man is born, grows, ages, and finally dies.” So this cycle of life is inevitable, although at different times in history the speed of this process has varied tremendously. In early tim

    Published October - December 2005 - Melih Mert

    Understanding Islam

    Muslims now constitute a significant minority in Western countries, most notably France, Britain, Germany, Canada, and the United States. Consequently, those in the West engaged in theological discourse and pastoral work can

    Published October - December 2005 - Fr. Theodore Pulcini

    Reflections on The Third Flash of Bediuzzaman Said Nursi

    In the Third Flash of his Risale-i Nur Collection, Bediuzzaman Said Nursi offers a reflection on the Sufi phrase: “The Enduring One (al-Baqi), He is the Enduring One! The Enduring One, He is the Enduring One!” (see Q

    Published October - December 2005 - Michael David Graskemper

    Darwin's Black Box

    Over since the publication of On the Origin of Species by Charles Darwin in 1859, his theory of natural selection has been a matter of debate. The theory claims that life on Earth began and developed by chance and all living thin

    Published October - December 2005 - Mustafa Akyol

    Parables in the Quran

    and Cemil Ercan
    The Qur’an pursues the following goals: To teach humanity about the unity of God, resurrection and life after death, the messengers, worship, and justice. It does not treat thes

    Published October - December 2005 - Alphonse Dougan

    Global Warming and Forests

    Is the number and severity of floods, droughts that cause famine and deaths, forest fires, hur ricanes and ice melts increasing? If there is such an increase, what is the main reason for it? Unfortunately, in accordance with

    Published October - December 2005 - Ahmet Tarik

    The Bamboo of Islam

    Some personalities are like bamboo, very hard, very tough; they wait, they make one wait, but eventually they compensate for their slow start very quickly.

    For some people, accepting Islam or unde

    Published October - December 2005 - Musa Hub

    Potassium Channels: A Tale of Two Nobel Prizes

    In May 2003, Roderick Mackinnon’s research group at Rockefeller University has published the three-dimensional atomic structure of a voltage-gated potassium channel. MacKinnon also received the Nobel Prize in 2003 for the fir

    Published October - December 2005 - Hakan Ufuk

    Constant Change and Renewal in the Universe

    Since the time Galileo uttered, “But still, it moves!” when he was forced to declare a stationary Earth, several centuries of scientific discoveries have shown that everything in the universe is in constant movement. Ev

    Published October - December 2005 - Huseyin Simitci