Issue 53

  • Heart and Mind on Different Sides

    The modern age has assumed a split between what is
    religious and what is worldly, and the Revelation has
    been detached from the Universe and the sciences
    that study it, the spiritual from the material, the afterlife

    Published January - March 2006 - The Fountain

    Respect For Humankind

    Loving and respecting humanity merely because they are human is an expression of respect for the Almighty Creator. The other side of the coin, loving and showing respect to only those who think the same as one thinks, is nothing b

    Published January - March 2006 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    A Dead End for Science or A Call to the Creator

    The scientists of the world have been engaged in solving the problem of deciphering the so-called human genome during the last few decades. At the turn of the millennium the genetic map had finally been deciphered in general. Nev

    Published January - March 2006 - Vitaliy Sheremet

    Dynamic Ego

    Can you tell without looking at a reference point or without feeling any force due to acceleration that you are moving? The answer to this question leads to one of the fundamental premises of the Theory of Relativity. Since

    Published January - March 2006 - Sermed Ogretim

    The Virgin Birth: The Birth of Jesus without a Biological Father

    Human development begins at fertilization when a male gamete or sperm unites with a female gamete or oocyte to form a single cell-a zygote. This highly specialized cell marks the beginning of each human being as a unique individu

    Published January - March 2006 - Olgun Hasgul

    Montaigne and the Ottomans

    Essays are like flexible rhapsodies.”1 They are freer, arbitrary, and subjective as compared to a more rigid, systematic, and organized plain text. Free and always open to new perspectives. This must be the aspect that differen

    Published January - March 2006 - Mustafa Armagan

    Peace and Conflict Resolution Concepts in the Madina Charter

    It is much easier to make contact with people from vastly different cultures and beliefs in the context of today’s world. Unfortunately, increased globalization has also broadened the scope of conflict throughout the world. Mod

    Published January - March 2006 - Yetkin Yildirim

    Gen-ethic Anxiety & Some Reflections on the Genome Project

    The Genome Project was started at a research institute known as HUGO, which is short for the Human Genome Project, in Montreux, Switzerland on October 1, 1990. This important project, with consequences that are not yet understood

    Published January - March 2006 - Abdullah D. Dogan

    The Acknowledgment of God: The Only Cure to Our Spiritual Poverty

    One of the main causes of today's global disorder is the absence of justice and the rise in the false religion of materialism. When justice disappears, it becomes no wonder to see oppression, corruption, occupation and terrorism

    Published January - March 2006 - Kamran Mofid

    A Rationale for the Collapse of Civilizations

    Any observant individual walking among the ruins of an ancient city is immediately faced with the following question: “How did the once magnificent civilization that ruled this place, that built this city, end like this?” The

    Published January - March 2006 - Firat Kocol

    Abstaining From Alcohol

    Like all converts to Islam, I am sometimes haunted by my past and always in awe of the mercy of God. By the grace of God, many people reading this have probably never tried alcohol themselves. For like all the prohibi

    Published January - March 2006 - Kathleen St.onge

    Forensic Entomology: How Insects Solve Murder Cases

    In a homicide case or any accident that results in death, it is essential to know the exact time and place where the death occurred. Insects and their larvae may yield elaborate data, such as the amount of time that has elapsed a

    Published January - March 2006 - Mehmet Sultan

    What should be the understanding of Mujaddin our time?

    Q: What should be the understanding of “Mujaddid” in our time? Does it refer to a single individual only, or does it rather signify a collective personality (shakhs al-manawi)?

    A: There is no

    Published January - March 2006 - Hikmet Isik

    On the Messenger of God

    This introduction by me as a professor of Oriental studies might be seen as an incentive to attract attention, but I hope that the reader will welcome this book by Muhammed Fethullah Gulen from the very first pages.


    Published January - March 2006 - Vitaliy Sheremet