Issue 56

  • Respond in Mildness

    Pope Benedict’s unfortunate speech has offended Muslims all over the world. The offensive words quoted by the Pope do not sound like they simply slipped through his lips-although we cannot read his heart-but they are certainly n

    Published October - December 2006 - The Fountain


    We are experiencing an intense fervor of recovery and revival. If a wind of opposition does not hinder us, the coming years will be our “years of becoming.” However, there are differences in methods of recovery and revival. T

    Published October - December 2006 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    The Essence of Time

    St Augustine’s confession expresses the situation most people experience after contemplating the nature of time. Time has puzzled many philosophers. Zeno, Avicenna and St. Augustine even questioned its existence. They claimed t

    Published October - December 2006 - Zainab Goonay

    Has "the Clash of Civilizations" Found Empirical Support?

    Samuel Huntington first published his article “The Clash of Civilizations?” in 1993. Later, in 1996 he published “The Clash of Civilizations and the Remaking of World Order,” giving a more detailed and broader explanation

    Published October - December 2006 - Galymzhan Kirbassov

    Eye for an "Eye"

    It’s been a long and tough life. The days of the earth when it was still so hot, the day when humanity was created, and the day you, humans, invented fire… I witnessed them all. Though you may not know me, I know you people

    Published October - December 2006 - Sermed Ogretim

    The Meaning of Jihad and its Implications in the World Today

    The first revelation Muhammad ever received from God was “Read!” (Ali 1672). Thýs was a fitting command for the final prophet of Islam to receive, commanding him to take an action. Taking action would be important for a re

    Published October - December 2006 - Evan Radford

    A Nanowindow to the Thirtieth Word

    The Second Aim of the Thirtieth Word in the Risale-i Nur collection accurately describes the true meaning that lies behind the creation and the reason for the creation of particles which constitutes all physical beings and make th

    Published October - December 2006 - C.T. Jeff Yavuz

    Common Termis Amongst The Muslims and Christians

    The Muslim-Christian meetings that are organized in an effort to find a common ground between the two faiths usually focus on a few points that are essential to both parties. The dialogue meetings are always concluded with glowin

    Published October - December 2006 - Mesut Sahin

    We never allow recollections to vanish

    The one missing from the heart
    No one else, you, the candidly expected
    A voice unreserved, sentimental
    Nourishing sermons forever in memories
    The sublime pundit,
    Within an exalted sound
    You left

    Published October - December 2006 - Fatih Kolbay

    Understanding The Order in Nature in a More Analytical Way

    This article can be considered as a brief survey of the order in nature carried out through understanding the world around us. The beauty and esthetics that we all see around us are obvious proof of the art inserted in nature. Le

    Published October - December 2006 - Dr. Sami Polatoz

    Who Has No Fingerprints?

    How is it that the fingerprints of children disappear in 24 hours while those of adults remain for longer periods?
    * How do we leave traces of ourselves everywhere we touch with hardly visible fingerprints?
    * Metho

    Published October - December 2006 - Irfan Yilmaz

    How to Become a Bad Teacher

    Teachers are entrusted with the jewels of life: Our children. Sometimes teachers may be overwhelmed with this very important task.

    The teacher-student relationship, or rapport, is the most important factor contributin

    Published October - December 2006 - Ibrahim Sel

    What does Islam say about killing an innocent person?

    God Almighty declares that killing an innocent person unjustly is like killing all of mankind and saving a person’s life is like saving all of mankind. Could you please explain this?

    In the preceding verse of

    Published October - December 2006 - Hikmet Isik