Issue 60

  • Key to the Secret Codes

    In all of existence the human being stands out with one majorquality: free will. Together with many other superior qualities, likespeech and intellect, humans were also blessed with this pricelesscharacteristic in the heaven. Free

    Published October - December 2007 - The Fountain

    Free Will

    Having free will-which we can briefly describe as the power or inclination to make a decision whether to do something or not-is a distinctive element of being human and is the very essential of ethical conduct. Without this co

    Published October - December 2007 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    What Makes the Planets Revolve around the Sun?

    The Sun consists of three parts: the interior, the outer layer, and the solar atmosphere. The outer layer of the Sun is similar to the boundary that exists between the Earth and its atmosphere. The core is denser than the outer la

    Published October - December 2007 - H. Aydin

    How Can We Motivate Our Children To Learn?

    How often do we hear the words “I hate maths” or “I don’t want to do my homework” and “I don’t like school.” Just imagine how a carer or parent who is concerned and exerts a great

    Published October - December 2007 - Rahila Bashir

    Thoughts on Matter and Anti-Matter

    We see a wall. It seems to be solid, made of one piece, as if it is covered with plaster. If we scrape off the plaster, we can see that the wall consists of hundreds of Stones (or bricks), proportionally cut and placed, one on to

    Published October - December 2007 - Omer Said Gonullu

    Learning from Islam

    One has only to visit a place such as the Gallipoli Mosque at Auburn and receive the welcome and hospitality offered by the Muslim community to all comers to experience the rich contribution that Muslims are making to our Austral

    Published October - December 2007 - Trish Madigan

    The Protective Mechanism in Blood Vessels

    The blood that is carried away from the heart to all the parts of the body by the cardiovascularsystem plays a vital role in delivering oxygen and nutrients to all the cells in the body. While the smooth flow of blood without any

    Published October - December 2007 - Murat Yasar

    Firar and I'tisam (Fleeing and Taking Shelter)

    irar, which literally means to run away from something, is used in Sufism to denote the journey from the created to the Creator, sheltering from the “shadow” in the “original,”1 and renouncing the “drop” of water in or

    Published October - December 2007 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    Lessons from Nature

    Scientists are always trying to find more effective ways of making high performance materials with minimumconsumption of energy and resources, minimum waste production and, of course, maximum functionality. In other words, they ar

    Published October - December 2007 - Muhammed Toprak

    Paper People

    first came to realize my power to distinguish paper people in a formal talk at the university. The speaker was going to great lengths to present his seminal contribution to an age old question, and a numberof people in the audie

    Published October - December 2007 - Firat Kocol

    Attaining Knowledge of God

    Every human being is endowed with an inquisitive nature; there is an innate quest to find answers to the existential questions: Where did I come from? Why am I here? Where will I go? Those who pursue answers to these burning quest

    Published October - December 2007 - Eren Tatari

    Hearing for Deaf Ears

    The order, ingenuity, and simultaneous complexity and simplicity of the human organs are simply marvelous. The wonder one feels only increases when the organ for hearing, the ear, is examined. Not only are the organ structures and

    Published October - December 2007 - S. Utku Ay

    Islam and Work

    A person is not a machine that can remain indifferent to their surroundings. It is a duty for every person to work for their parents and relatives if they are a child or for their children if they are parents. In fact, a person sh

    Published October - December 2007 - Muhsin Toprak

    Gratitude to the Ottomans

    The Treaty of Lausanne, signed in 1923 between the allied powers and the Turks in the aftermath of World War I, still prevails on the Turkish agenda. While on the one hand, some celebrate this treaty, arguing that it Marks Turkish

    Published October - December 2007 - Abdullah Aymaz

    The Month of Ramadan and Discipline

    Question: What benefits can the month of Ramadan provide for us to become disciplined people? What good habits should we develop during this month?

    Discipline means the directions and prohibitions, as well as t

    Published October - December 2007 - Hikmet Isik