Issue 63

  • Compassion: The Essence of All Existence

    Stories of the prophets are found both in the Qur’an and the Bible, and the prophets appear as historic figures in several other versions in literature. Although these stories do not always match each other’s content a hundred

    Published May - June 2008 - The Fountain


    Today, the entire globe but especially certain parts of the world are passing through a critical turn, which is more dangerous than ever. The destruction of the power balance, chaotic situations and utter confusion at any moment s

    Published May - June 2008 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    Muhammad and Jesus Two Great Prophets of God

    The relationship between Christianity and Islam throughout history has been often characterized by misunderstanding, rivalry, and frequently hostility. As illustrated in the recent movie, The Kingdom of Heaven, these tensions reac

    Published May - June 2008 - Thomas Petriano

    Simple and Beautiful Momentum

    Every occurrence in nature obeys some kind of relation that has been put in operation in the universe, and most scientists probably believe that humans have the skill to represent that relation to themselves mathematically to a ce

    Published May - June 2008 - Ozgur Cagla

    Black Locks

    You shot me in the heart, set me on fire,
    The only rose of my fate, sweet musk-scented hair

    My enshrouding sphere, You bestow abundantly,
    Wings of the angel lay down for you on the way to the Lote-tree.1<

    Published May - June 2008 - Mehmet Erdogan

    Like It or Not, We All Like the Same Thing

    There were some little puzzles that kept my mind busy all the time when I was a child. Some were very primitive questions, yet I could not answer them fully. One such question was “What about my perception about the colors? Do I

    Published May - June 2008 - Yigit Alarcin

    Vitamin and Mineral Pills: The Right Answer for a Healthy Life?

    In human health, the importance of vitamins is indisputable. Proof of this are the numerous illnesses associated with a lack of vitamins in the diet. Motivated by such established facts, consumers want to make sure that they are c

    Published May - June 2008 - Alper Bursali

    Mathematical Thinking

    Equipped with the faculties of curiosity and intelligence, human beings have built telescopes and launched spacecraft to discover the secrets of the universe. It is no longer extraordinary to set a spacecraft in orbit around a pla

    Published May - June 2008 - Namik Sercan

    Happy Birthday, Son!

    Aisha looked at the clock hanging nearby. “It is time,” she hurried, “I have to go.” She wondered what to wear that chilly windy day. As a Muslim she knew that there was a hidden hour within Friday when all prayers are acc

    Published May - June 2008 - Mirkena Ozer

    Qalb (Heart) - 1

    In the words of Ibrahim Haqqi of Erzurum:

    The heart is the home of God; purify it from whatever is other than Him
    So that the All-Merciful may descend into His palace at night.

    The word “Qalb

    Published May - June 2008 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    Beyond Order: Optimality and Sub-Optimality in the Universe

    This article deals with the feature of the universe known as “optimality.” It particularly deals with optimality in relation to “intelligent design” arguments and addresses certain critiques of evolutionists regarding the

    Published May - June 2008 - Kaan Kerem

    Nanotechnology in Sponges

    Sponges, though it is still not clear whether they are plants or animals, are inspiring the solution to a problem which has troubled chemists for years.

    Scientists were working on ways of obtaining complex micro or nan

    Published May - June 2008 - Dr. Sami Polatoz

    An American Muslim in Istanbul

    Like so many American Muslims, Istanbul too stands at the crossroads of East and West. My trip to Turkey was never intended to be a spiritual journey; but it began as a gathering of the riches of my past, and ended with the integr

    Published May - June 2008 - Mary Lahaj

    Seeing the Third Quality of Light Polarization Vision

    Sun is the main source of light for Earth. Without light, there would be no sight for us. Light is nothing but an electromagnetic wave which has three fundamental properties and with naked eyes humans are capable of sensing only t

    Published May - June 2008 - Mehmet Kurum

    People with Disabilities from an Islamic Perspective

    Special education and the Islamic principle of inclusion
    Historically, people with disabilities have been prey to society’s misconceptions, stereotypes, labeling, and prejudices in many different ways. Such attitudes

    Published May - June 2008 - Hurisa Guvercin

    Ibn al-Haytham: First Scientist

    Bradley Steffens is the author of twenty-seven nonfiction books for children and young adults. Ibn al-Haytham: First Scientist is one of his recent books, published in the series Profiles in Science by Morgan Reynolds Publishing.

    Published May - June 2008 - Ertan Salik

    When Zero Died

    Long, long ago, in a far away world that was inhabited by numbers, it was a clear dawn when the world of numbers witnessed the birth of a new number. It was a baby as small as a dot and capable of nothing but crying. They named it

    Published May - June 2008 - Sermed Ogretim

    It's me, Peter, your Heart!

    I started working months before you were born. Even though I have kept beating ceaselessly every second inside, you have never given an ear to find out who it is. It is me, your heart, the engine of your body. I feel an urge to gi

    Published May - June 2008 - Irfan Yilmaz

    Women Confined and Mistreated

    Question: Some people claim that in Muslim societies, women are confined to their home and they are oppressed. Is there any truth in this claim? What is the position of women in family life and in society according to Islamic

    Published May - June 2008 - Hikmet Isik