Issue 64

  • Suffering and Mercy

    Last month marked a great loss in world literature; on June 10 Chingiz Aytmatov died. This author, who had earned worldwide fame, surrendered to his fate and left behind a long list of remarkable works that have been translated in

    Published July - August 2008 - The Fountain

    Longing for Love

    It seems that we have forgotten how to act like human beings. We are far removed from representing our unique status among all of existence. Despite all the qualities we possess which the angels envy, we engage in acts that even e

    Published July - August 2008 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    Confinement Systems for Fusion

    The world’s energy sources are limited and in four or five decades they will be in short supply. However, the world’s increasing energy demands have led scientists to investigate alternative energy sources. One alternative, di

    Published July - August 2008 - M. Fatih Yilmaz

    Al Feliz Pescador

    As I stroll in the park on a Saturday afternoon, I enjoy the gentle touch of sunrays coming through the trees. A flute is playing Bach’s Badinerie in the distance. It is a beautiful day. I find a warm and quite spot to read the

    Published July - August 2008 - Firat Kocol

    Bacteria: The Real Stewards of the Environment

    As a result of campaigns that have been led by number of celebrities, we are now aware that it is us, human beings, who have contaminated earth. As a result, the general public now has an increased awareness about environmental po

    Published July - August 2008 - Melih Cubuklu

    The Appeal of the Qur'an to Observation and Reason

    Humans are endowed with the faculties of reason and intellect, and to ask them to abandon their intellectual faculties in developing their faith and relationship with God would be inconsistent with their God-given autonomy. On th

    Published July - August 2008 - Yuksel A. Aslandogan

    Darwinism and Altruism, Is There A Problem?

    In Darwin’s theory of the survival of the fittest, those individuals best adapted to their environments are most likely to live another day and are therefore more likely to reproduce. Consequently, the fittest individuals have m

    Published July - August 2008 - Yigit Alarcin

    Neighborliness Common Ground for the Children of Abraham

    Perhaps the most famous of all of the parables of Jesus is the parable of the Good Samaritan (Luke 10:25–37). Jesus told parables, or stories, to convey a moral meaning. His parables were told so that people hearing about how o

    Published July - August 2008 - Samuel Riccobene

    Crime in the Mind of Dostoyevsky

    The theoretical study of crime, due to its potential to provide us with a way to understand the human mind, has been one of the topics that have attracted the greatest interest in human philosophy. One author who has dealt extensi

    Published July - August 2008 - Alice Bolton

    Qalb (Heart) - 2

    Belief is the life of the heart; worship is the blood flowing in its veins; and reflection, self-supervision, and self-criticism are the foundations of its permanence. The heart of an unbeliever is dead; the heart of a believer wh

    Published July - August 2008 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    A Pair of New Shoes

    A pair of young feet in a pair of very old shoes walked along an awfully muddy road. The nine-year-old girl prayed with every squelch of the mud, “Isn’t it time for a new pair of shoes yet? Oh please, a brand-new pair for once

    Published July - August 2008 - Mirkena Ozer

    Radar-Evading Moths

    Members of the animal kingdom are equipped with amazing features. Every species has a particular gift for communication, feeding, or defense. They communicate through various means, such as smell, vibration, sound, light, and heat

    Published July - August 2008 - Arif Osmanli

    Scope of the Scientific Method and What Remains Beyond

    Once Newton published his Principia in 1687, the world was never the same again. In a mere 750 pages a brand new world was presented where the same law governed both the falling of an apple and a galaxy cluster. The world was henc

    Published July - August 2008 - Janibek Alpishev

    Is the Suffering in the World in Agreement with God's Mercy?

    To some individuals who want to believe, in particular, young minds, the pain and suffering that exist in the world today do not seem to be compatible with the Mercy of a Loving God. It is just too difficult for them to comprehend

    Published July - August 2008 - Mesut Sahin

    A Journey into Our Body with B12

    Vitamins are organic (carbon-based) compounds that are necessary in tiny amounts for the biochemical activities that take place in our body. Since vitamins cannot be synthesized in our body (except for a few), we take them in with

    Published July - August 2008 - Ihsan Omeroglu

    Sources of Happiness

    Happiness is a subjective concept that evades accurate definitions or objective measurements. Social scientists, philosophers, and ordinary people have different perspectives when they are asked to describe their feelings about ha

    Published July - August 2008 - Salih Uslu

    It's me, Peter, your Stomach!

    Dear Peter, when your heart was telling you about itself in the previous issue (and perhaps you got a bit annoyed with him) I realized that it was talking for your own good. It not only was giving you advice about your health, but

    Published July - August 2008 - Irfan Yilmaz

    We should think well of others

    People’s way of thinking shapes their behavior. The way they are is parallel to how they think, and is connected to their potential. While a person keeps looking at things or events from the perspective of certain considerations

    Published July - August 2008 - Hikmet Isik