Issue 65

  • Adaptation to Conditions

    In August when the world’s focus was fixed on the most costly ever Olympic Games in Beijing (estimated costs to be over $40 billion), the ugly face of war was seen in another part of the world as news agencies reported clashes b

    Published September - October 2008 - The Fountain

    From Bright Yesterday to Bright Tomorrows

    For centuries we have enjoyed commitment to a belief in eternity, and the atmosphere we inhaled every moment was filled with eternal considerations. Each of our pursuits triggered in us feelings from beyond time; our dreams were s

    Published September - October 2008 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    The Adaptation in the Senses

    For centuries we have enjoyed commitment to a belief in eternity, and the atmosphere we inhaled every moment was filled with eternal considerations. Each of our pursuits triggered in us feelings from beyond time; our dreams were s

    Published September - October 2008 - Omer Arifagaoglu

    On the Perfecting of a Prophet

    It is one of the articles of faith of Islam to believe in the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him. So when anyone casts a shadow on his character, the Muslim world feels deeply antagonized. Yet some remarks are extreme in their ne

    Published September - October 2008 - Kathleen St.onge

    Some Logical Principles in the Qur'an

    When we read the Qur’an, we notice that it appeals to human reasoning and invites us to reason. Among many verses in this regard, consider these: “How little you reflect” (A’raf 7:3), “God sets those who do not use their

    Published September - October 2008 - Nuh Aydin

    Biogas as a Clean Energy

    Recent years have witnessed rapid industrialization and population growth, along with profligate consumption of energy. This in turn has triggered enormous increase in energy production based on non-renewable energy resources such

    Published September - October 2008 - Bekir Mugayitoglu

    Tears of Regret

    I was sitting at the dining table, minding my own business, that is, struggling to read a novel too tricky for a fifteen-year-old girl like me, when the doorbell brought me back to reality. My older sister, who had been watching s

    Published September - October 2008 - Mirkena Ozer

    The Horizon of Science

    Atoms and molecules function at the foundation of the entire visible universe and its emerging characteristics. Our nutritional needs of sugar, fats and proteins are made up by atoms merging. For example chlorophyll is like a fact

    Published September - October 2008 - Osman Cakmak

    Fasting in Ramadan and Developing Self-Control

    Ramadan is the 9th month of the Islamic lunar calendar. It is a special month of the year for over one billion Muslims throughout the world. It is sometimes referred to as the “Sultan of the 11 months.” During this month healt

    Published September - October 2008 - Yuksel A. Aslandogan

    Reflections on the Children of Israel and the Qur'an

    The Qur’an is the only book of revelation that includes within itself a theory of prophethood which includes other religions. There have always been (since the days of Adam) people inspired by God who urged their society to avoi

    Published September - October 2008 - Allen S. Maller

    Huzn (Sadness or Sorrow)

    Sufis use the word huzn (sadness) as the opposite of rejoicing and joy, and to express the pain one suffers while fulfilling his or her duties and realizing his or her ideals. Every perfected believer will continue to suffer this

    Published September - October 2008 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    Turning the Tables to Build Intercultural Friendships

    It is usually easy to associate with people from one’s own culture. Why step out of your comfort zone to extend a friendly hand to someone from a different culture? Perhaps, if my experience is typical,

    Published September - October 2008 - Thomas C. Smedley

    The Fundamental Spiritual Benefit of Fasting

    The prime goal of Islamic spirituality is to establish an intimate and personal closeness to God. While the beliefs of Islam direct a Muslim along a wide path towards God, the five pillars of Islam provides a regimen to traverse t

    Published September - October 2008 - Mehmet Ozalp

    A Historical Review of Dreams

    There are two questions concerning dreams, which have always puzzled human beings. One concerns the actual meaning or significance of dreaming. The other is the relationship between the dream and the waking world or the degree of

    Published September - October 2008 - Muhammed Toprak

    The Relationship between Law and the Benefits of Intermingling Them

    From the ancient Greek tragedian Sophocles to Shakespeare, Dickens and modern legal dramatist Grisham, stories about law have fascinated readers and offered an outsider’s view of the efficiency of justice system. The law and lit

    Published September - October 2008 - Ahamuduzzaman

    Search for Life on Planets Orbiting Other Stars

    For a long time astronomers have talked about the nine planets orbiting the Sun. These nine heavenly bodies have always been more special than other objects orbiting the Sun, such as asteroids and comets.

    Published September - October 2008 - Ertan Salik

    Ottoman Women: Myth and Reality

    Asli Sancar, born and raised in the United States of America, has been living in Istanbul for over twenty years. For more than half of this period she intermittently pursued studies on the social status of Ottoman women and Ottoma

    Published September - October 2008 - Valeria Kolos

    It's me, Peter, your Lungs

    First, lean back and let me expand, so that I can take in more air. The more air I take in, the easier your brain works and the better you’ll understand what I’m telling you. Irrelevant? Not at all Peter! Every organ in your b

    Published September - October 2008 - Irfan Yilmaz