Issue 66

  • Greed

    It missed the seventh anniversary of 9/11 by a hair’s breadth, but many will remember 9/15 of 2008 as being as traumatic as the former, if not as tragic, when Lehman Brothers, a gigantic investment bank in the US, filed for bank

    Published November - December 2008 - The Fountain

    A Dream Worth The Entire World

    Others may think differently; but for me our world is so charming with its exquisite climate, landscape, mountains and rivers, orchards, prairies, and prosperous settlements. It is so welcoming and tender that those who can once p

    Published November - December 2008 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    On Hibernation and Bedsores

    You would have thought them awake though they were asleep. We caused them to turn over to the right and the left, and their dog lay outstretching its two forelegs on the threshold. Had you come upon them unprepared, you would

    Published November - December 2008 - BAGASRA Omar- PACE D.Gene

    The Death of the Aral Sea

    The Aral crisis is the best example of an ecological problem with serious social and economic consequences, directly or indirectly connected with all the states of Central Asia. The critical situation caused by the Aral Sea dr

    Published November - December 2008 - Timur Ceylan

    Women and the Qur'anic Prescriptions

    One of the most sensitive and oft-debated issues with regard to Islam concerns the status and role of women in society. Arguably one of the aspects of social life which the emergence of Islam affected most was the status of women,

    Published November - December 2008 - Fulya Celik

    Reevaluating Cholesterol

    The message to lower cholesterol to reduce the risk of heart disease has been widely circulated. However, recent findings beg the reevaluation of common knowledge about cholesterol. Among many, the following are some examples of

    Published November - December 2008 - Bulent Aydogan

    Is Redundancy Always Redundant?

    Normally, we associate the idea of redundancy with such concepts as wastefulness, uselessness repetition, and superfluity. However, there are many instances where redundancy can actually be very useful. One of the prime examples i

    Published November - December 2008 - Nuh Aydin

    Can Genes Alone Explain Everything?

    Genetics is probably one of the fastest developing contemporary sciences with an incredibly large accumulation of knowledge. This knowledge of genetics has been extensively utilized in a broad spectrum of areas including unveiling

    Published November - December 2008 - Seyyidhan Mirza

    Time Management in the Life of the Prophet Muhammad

    In the preface to his book The 100: A Ranking of the Most Influential Persons in History, Michael Hart noted the supreme success of the Prophet Muhammad, peace and blessings be upon him, on both the religious and secular level [H

    Published November - December 2008 - Yuksel A. Aslandogan

    Khawf and Khashya (Fear and Reverence)

    In Sufism, khawf (fear) denotes abstaining not only from all that is forbidden, but also from deeds from which it is advisable to refrain. It also signifies, as the opposite of hope or expectation, that a traveler on the path to T

    Published November - December 2008 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    From Soap Bubbles to Technology

    Children love playing with soap bubbles; they like to blow a circle after dipping a bubble wand into soapy water and watch the bubbles flying out of it. However, it is not only children who play with soap bubbles and soap film. Sc

    Published November - December 2008 - Dr. Sami Polatoz

    The Eighty-Twenty Rule in the Risale-i Nur

    The famous Islamic scholar Bediüzzaman Said Nursi (1877-1960) referred to mathematics in various forms in various places in his work the Risale-i Nur. In the different parts of the Risale-i Nur Collection, numerous examples, from

    Published November - December 2008 - Ilhan Hasgur

    Ruminants and Their Contribution to Our Life

    And surely in the cattle (feeding on the pastures of the revived earth) there is a lesson for you: We give you from that which is within their bodies, (marvelously distinguished from) between the waste and blood, milk that is

    Published November - December 2008 - Zubeyir Altuntas

    Knocking on Your Door

    Open your door as a compliment, make your slave happy,
    Serve my spirit chants from the tongues of beyond.
    Do so and quench the storms that besiege my heart,
    Just like You lend your hand to the hopeless.


    Published November - December 2008 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    Modest Dress in Abrahamic Traditions

    One of the questions I am most commonly posed in the United States is about the way I dress. Why do Muslim women cover themselves from head to toe? Usually I respond to this question with another question: Why does a Christian nun

    Published November - December 2008 - Eren Tatari

    Soil-Cleaning Plants

    Soil has significant functions for securing the maintenance of life on earth. The food and water that plants need are provided via soil. A wide variety of living species which find shelter in the bosom of the soil performs vital f

    Published November - December 2008 - H.Arif Ustaoglu

    It's me, Peter, your intestine!

    Peter, maybe now you will snap at me saying, “What are you trying to do? You are nothing but a set of long pipes, you are the last one to talk about itself!” But take care and do not be so quick to dismiss me; do not make a fa

    Published November - December 2008 - Irfan Yilmaz

    A Journey of Discovery

    I first became interested in Ottoman women in the early 1990s when I read a newly published book on the Ottoman harem. Although the book was beautifully illustrated, the text just basically repeated the time-worn sensationalist ap

    Published November - December 2008 - Asli Sancar

    Muhammad: A Prophet for Our Time

    When Karen Armstrong was asked to make a wish as one of the 2008 TED prize winners, she wished for a Charter for Compassion to be crafted by a group of thinkers from the three Abrahamic traditions, based on the fundamental princi

    Published November - December 2008 - Korkut Altay

    "You alone do we worship..." (Fatiha 1:5)

    O Lord! I am determined that I will not sacrifice my freedom to anyone but You and I will not fall in humiliation before anyone or anything. I turn to You fully intent on servanthood and worship; my eyes are fixed upon You and

    Published November - December 2008 - Hikmet Isik