Issue 69

  • Satan and His Contemporary Followers

    Satan is a miserable and accursed one, who has fallen away from God’s Mercy, whose task is to go astray and to lead astray, who continues his existence around the axis of sedition, incitement, hypocrisy, and discord. All his pur

    Published May - June 2009 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    The Last Prayer for Giants

    Long, long ago, before the end of time, I heard a legendary story from my grandpa about what happened between him and a giant unlike others…
    It was around dawn, and the day was not yet fully light. Rain the night before had

    Published May - June 2009 - Sermed Ogretim

    What Algorithms Imply for Us

    Different people have different styles of handling situations; as the proverb says “Different strokes for different folks.” Another proverb “Two heads are better than one,” on the other hand, invites us to ask for the opin

    Published May - June 2009 - Ahmet Isik

    Tips on Child Education

    Preparing children for life is an art. There are many things that parents should know and do about this. One is to make children have the self-confidence that is bestowed by the Creator as a potential.

    The children who

    Published May - June 2009 - Zeki Aydin

    Health and Natural Balance with Patchouli

    Studies made recently in relation to aromatherapy show that aroma can be the preparation for many important functions in connection with a person’s spirit and body. Many experts on complementary medicine in the West supply patie

    Published May - June 2009 - Fatih Altun

    Translation of Sufi Poetry

    The misunderstanding and the misconception by some Western readers that Sufi poetry is strongly tinged with sensuality and replete with erotic and bacchanalian symbolism is now discredited as altogether false. Now it is universall

    Published May - June 2009 - Aalia Sohail Khan

    The Koala and Its Amazing Features

    Do not be misled by my appearance into thinking I am a type of bear. Although we koalas may resemble bears, we have been created with quite different characteristics. Our birth, diet, habitation and development bear no comparison

    Published May - June 2009 - Mehmet Celik

    Taqwa (Piety)

    Taqwa is derived from wiqaya, which means self-defense and avoidance. Sufis define it as protecting oneself from God’s punishment by performing His commands and observing His prohibitions. Besides its literal and techni

    Published May - June 2009 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    Universal Signs

    The old globe speaks on its own,
    Looks ecstatic with a Godly gown,
    With spangled Paradise all around,
    Proclaims Who holds the crown.

    In the broad wondrous sky on high
    Like an imperial azure eye,<

    Published May - June 2009 - Victor H. Earnest

    Time and Beyond as a Dimension

    Even if we cannot easily grasp the real nature of “time,” we can understand its aspect of being a “dimension.” For example, specifying only a place without specifying a “time’’ for an appointment would not be suffici

    Published May - June 2009 - Osman Cakmak

    At What Age Did Aisha Marry the Prophet?

    When covering the life of Prophet Muhammad, one of the most debatable topics is that of the age of his wife Aisha when the two married. Her alleged very young age has been used in smear campaigns against the Prophet.

    Published May - June 2009 - Resit Haylamaz

    Open Heart Surgery: A Matter of Life and Death

    The miraculous duty of the heart, which throughout life pumps the blood with no interruption and sends unpurified blood to the organ where it is refined, is a clear source of contemplation and wonder for those who have any kind of

    Published May - June 2009 - Enis Turker

    Fish: A Source of Inspiration for Efficient Energy Production

    A perfect balance exists between the movements and behavior of a creature, its habitat, and anatomic structure. The sciences try to understand this triple mechanism in every species and put the knowledge they gain to use in develo

    Published May - June 2009 - Dr. Sami Polatoz

    How Finite Becomes Infinite

    Followers of the Abrahamic religions-Muslims, Christians, and Jews in general-believe in an eternal life after death, in one form or another, and that the righteous will be rewarded for their good deeds in the hereafter and the wi

    Published May - June 2009 - Vedat Akyuz

    Do We Worship the Same God? Comparing the Bible and the Qur'an

    In spring 2008 I was asked to accompany a group of people from the United States during their stay in Istanbul. I was told that this group was working on a documentary and they would spend some time in the Middle East exploring th

    Published May - June 2009 - Ihsan Orhan

    It's me, Peter, your ear!

    I was impatiently waiting for my turn to tell you about myself and so about my Creator while in the previous issue, my neighbor organs in your head, the eyes, were telling you how they were placed on you as a miraculous creation a

    Published May - June 2009 - Irfan Yilmaz

    Because of me

    Question: What are the matters that believers should always keep in mind with regard to the fact that both individual and collective misfortunes and disasters are results of their sins?

    Answer: By courtesy of bel

    Published May - June 2009 - Hikmet Isik

    Unity of Knowledge

    Seyyed Hossein Nasr, an outstanding figure of our time, rejects the separation of spiritual thought from science. In this issue we feature an interview with Professor Nasr in “Talks on Matter and Beyond,” a new department we a

    Published May - June 2009 - The Fountain