Issue 7

  • Towards the World of the Righteous Servants

    God promises the final inheritance of the earth to His righteous servants. So, in order to have a right to this promised inheritance, there must be a group of righteous people. What are the criteria of righteousness, or what quali

    Published July - September 1994 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    Religious Festivals

    Almost every nation has religious festivals to commemorate important events in their history or to celebrate special occasions.
    There are two religious festivals in Islam. ‘Id al-Fitr, the festival of the breaking of the fa

    Published July - September 1994 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    A Subtlety of The Qur'an The Secrets of The Atmosphere

    Then He applied His design or turned to the sky (or heaven) which was yet but smoke (Arabic: dukhan) and said to it and to the earth, ‘Come, both of you, willingly or unwillingly.’ They both responded, ‘we do come in obe

    Published July - September 1994 - Dr. H. Nurbaki

    Blissful Years of The Jews in The Ottoman State

    The world has been the scene of many massacres and countless acts of genocide since mankind appeared on earth. Even Habil (Abel), the son of the first human, Adam, was the victim of a murder committed by his brother Qabil (Kabul)

    Published July - September 1994 - P. Allister

    Excessive Love of Dogs

    The results of a survey carried out in England and Wales showed that 60% of couples love their pet dog more than each other. In France, caring for dogs has reached the stage where there are barbers, private clubs, walking paths, c

    Published July - September 1994 - M. Temiz

    Human Visual System and Machine System

    Of the five senses - vision, hearing, smell, taste and touch - vision is undoubtedly the one that man has come to depend upon above all others and indeed the one that provides most of the data he receives. Not only do the input pa

    Published July - September 1994 - M.S. Aksoy

    Soldiers of Truth

    Moths fly around the light of the inspired ones
    Whose hearts are as warm as the corona of the sun
    Pained and worried are they for the destiny of the nation
    Yet lovely as Paradise are they and as deep as eternity

    Published July - September 1994 - The Fountain

    A Commentary on the Contemporary World

    In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate and we pray Him for succour.

    In His name, glory be to Him.
    There is nothing that does not glorify Him with praise.

    Degrees of life

    Published July - September 1994 - Bediuzzaman Said Nursi

    Narrow Escape

    Since my childhood, I have been afraid of small, confined spaces and furiously fled such places. Later, I understood that this condition was known as claustrophobia, but I have never been able to master it. Now, unwillingly, I had

    Published July - September 1994 - Y. Yilmaz

    A Companion of The Prophet : Talha ibn Ubaydullah

    Returning to Mecca in haste after a trading trip to Syria, Talha asked his family: ’Did anything happen in Mecca since we left?’

    ‘Yes,’ they replied. ‘Muhammad ibn ‘Abdullah e

    Published July - September 1994 - A. Hamid

    English Converts to Islam

    The current number of English converts to Islam is estimated at around 3,000-5,000 and their number seems to be relatively increasing (McHugh, 1990:36). Converts range from local women who have adopted Islam to a greater or lesser

    Published July - September 1994 - A. Kose


    As our readers remember’THE FOUNTAIN announced in its third and fourth issues a WRITING COMPETITION –The Islamic approach to the modern science,natural,social,and, applied.We invited our readers to reflect on the mea

    Published July - September 1994 - The Fountain

    Questions for Today

    Is the Qur’an, as some people say, the work of the Prophet Muhammad?

    If not, how can it be proved that it is not?

    Much has been said and written in response to the allegation that the Qur’an

    Published July - September 1994 - M. Fethullah Gulen