Issue 73

  • Torture and Human Rights

    The Fountain magazine was discussed in one of the panels of the “East and West Encounters the Gulen Movement” conference, organized in Los Angeles, December 5-6, 2009. Dr. Fran Hassencahl, Director of Middle Eastern Studies at

    Published January - February 2010 - The Fountain

    Fleeting Storms, Perennial Breezes

    Despite all odds, time seems to flow toward long awaited days of splendor and hours of bliss. Albeit, there is a shadowy presence of ominous days which cultivate an “evil” that is disposed to mischief; this is in spite of the

    Published January - February 2010 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    Playing with Genes: Gene Therapy

    As we live our lives, we often come across problems that can block our way. If our car leaks oil, stalls, or breaks down on the road, we immediately bring it to the mechanic to get it fixed. He either replaces the defective part o

    Published January - February 2010 - Ferhat Ozturk

    The bomb ticks on'

    Torture is an act that is almost universally condemned. It is prohibited in international law and is not officially sanctioned by any domestic laws in any state. Nevertheless, torture is widely used. The formal prohibition against

    Published January - February 2010 - Ayse Meva Nur

    The Magical World of the Mosquito

    O humankind! A parable is struck, so pay heed to it: Those whom, apart from God,
    you deify and invoke will never be able to create even a fly, even if all of them
    were to come together to do so. And if a fly snatch

    Published January - February 2010 - Ibrahim Yildiz

    Free Will and Foreknowledge in Augustine

    For those who accept the existence of God, He is a deity who infallibly foreknows the entire future. On the other hand, human beings have a psychological feeling that they are completely free. Throughout the history of philosophy

    Published January - February 2010 - Izzet Coban

    Married to a Turk?!

    “Have you lost your mind?!” Professor Lydia cried as soon as I announced that I had been engaged two days ago to Ali, a young man from Turkey. I had offered her “lokum,” Turkish delight, the traditional treat for the occas

    Published January - February 2010 - Mirkena Ozer

    First Journey to Light

    Recognized scholar of his time by many contemporaries, and author of the great Risale-i Nur collection, Bediuzzaman Said Nursi lived in the last quarter of the nineteenth and first half of the twentieth centuries, one of the most

    Published January - February 2010 - Sermed Ogretim

    The Carrot: A Source of Healing

    Arguably one of the most popular vegetables that we use in our kitchens is carrots. With the exception of its well known benefits to the sight, only few of us really know about some of its alternative benefits. Could there be more

    Published January - February 2010 - Selim Mutlu

    Surprise Farewell

    Surprise Farewell
    Death is a guest at our door, uninvited
    To some it brings bliss, to others perdition
    Suddenly shows up at an unexpected location
    Beyond which is Paradise or the pit…

    The sp

    Published January - February 2010 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    Ikhlas (Sincerity or Purity of Intention)

    Ikhlas has been interpreted as being upright, sincere, and pure; being distant from show and ostentation in one’s intention and conduct; and being closed to whatever clouds or fouls the heart. Purity of intention, straightforwar

    Published January - February 2010 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    The Flower's Song

    The humble flower swaying free,
    Bent down in prayer as winds blow by.
    No glimpse of greed or poverty,
    Once again she stretches up beneath the sky.

    Listen closely to the flower’s song,
    As pedals pl

    Published January - February 2010 - John Shuck

    The Prestige

    “Every great magic trick consists of three parts or acts. The first part is called ‘The Pledge.’ The magician shows you something ordinary: a deck of cards, a bird or a man. He shows you this object. Perhaps he asks you

    Published January - February 2010 - Veli Keskin

    Psychological Projection: Islamic and Freudian Views

    Projection is a term applied by Sigmund Freud for the act of projecting one’s feelings, attitudes, etc. onto other people. Projection is one of many defense mechanisms, another term for the strategies people use to cope with sit

    Published January - February 2010 - Taufik Mohammad

    Two Perspectives on Nature

    We have a book written in golden letters lying in front of us. The decoration of the pages is attractive and impressive.. the small diamonds that are spread out over the pages are so shiny.. the cover is attractive.. the page

    Published January - February 2010 - Huseyin Faruk Coskun

    Memory and Forgetfulness

    Adam forgot, so did his children.

    How does our brain store information? How is it possible to make learning faster and easier? Is there any way not to forget what we have learned and to remember things more eas

    Published January - February 2010 - Arslan Mayda

    Sugar and the Human Body

    In the world we live in today, while great efforts are being made to improve human health, diabetes is a problem that is ever on the increase. Although not yet thoroughly understood, there are a few explanations for the increased

    Published January - February 2010 - Kelly J. Smith

    Tales from Rumi: Rediscovering a World Classic

    Tales from Rumi
    Edited by Ali Fuat Bilkan
    Translated by Jeannette Squires Okur
    Tughra Books, 2008

    There are books that I have always kept within arm’s reach on my desk-books that I ha

    Published January - February 2010 - Huseyin Bingul

    Spirals: Windows to Reflective Thought

    Spirals and helices are each a work-of-art and they are found in many dimensions of existence, from galaxies filled with billions of stars to the DNA strands, which we can observe with electron microscopes.

    One category

    Published January - February 2010 - A. Gafur Taskin

    It's me Peter, your Skeleton!

    Dear Peter! My fellow organs in your body have been telling you about themselves. You have seen that each of them fulfills different special tasks. But did you ever stop to ask where they sit or what they hang on to? Since nothing

    Published January - February 2010 - Irfan Yilmaz

    Faults in Belief and Fellowship

    Question: Feelings of fellowship between people can be damaged because of some unexpected behavior, and thus good will towards one another can easily be weakened. Is this situation a result of a fault and immaturity in our

    Published January - February 2010 - Hikmet Isik