Issue 81

  • Reading the Media and the Universe

    “If you don’t read the newspaper, you are uninformed. If you do read the newspaper, you are misinformed,” quoted Barney Zwartz from Mark Twain on April 2 at the University of Melbourne. This short quote was enough to dra

    Published May - June 2011 - The Fountain

    An Ardent Prayer

    The Almighty Creator is He whose existence is the origin of all existence, whose might is the source of power for everything, and whose will is the only means by which all things and events occur. The very soul of our essence is n

    Published May - June 2011 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    Mary: Her Conception and the Birth of the Messiah

    Why we chose Mary
    We are a small group of women of Turkish-Muslim and Catholic origins who became acquainted in the Spring of 2009 and immediately recognized our soulful connection with one another. Since that time, we

    Published May - June 2011 - Clare Julian Meryem Tuz

    Of Grapes and Guilt

    Of all the details I remember from that ominous August day, what impressed me most was the sweat trickling down the workers’ faces as they harvested the vineyard. They carried crates filled with grapes, coming and going among th

    Published May - June 2011 - Mirkena Ozer

    Utilizing Social Capital through Exemplary Leadership in Schools

    The United States and many other developed countries are becoming more multi cultural, multi ethnic, and multi racial than ever before. This may to a certain extent cause less communication, interconnected

    Published May - June 2011 - Erkan Acar

    The Onerous Journey of a Meatball

    I was once a delicious meatball. I should, in fact, say "we," not "I," for I was a foodstuff with such ingredients as fats, carbohydrates, proteins, and vitamins. Humans – especially kids – loved me very much.


    Published May - June 2011 - Ali Uguz

    Shukr (Thankfulness)

    Literally meaning gladness felt about and gratitude shown for the good done to one, Sufis use shukr to mean using one's body, abilities, feelings, and thoughts bestowed upon one to fulfill the purpose of his or her creation: bein

    Published May - June 2011 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    You Are the One I Need

    Your love took me away from me, You are the One I need
    Day and night I burn gripped by agony, You are the One I need

    I find no great joy in being alive; if I cease to exist, I would not grieve,
    The only solace

    Published May - June 2011 - Yunus Emre

    Creation of the Zygote (Nutfah)

    As all the living beings, human being is also created from a male and a female. Gametes (germ cells) of male and female are being coupled at the widest point of cervix within a time span of 12 to 48 hours and thus resulting in the

    Published May - June 2011 - Arslan Mayda

    The Islamic Propensity for Science

    The naive view of religion and science sees them in direct opposition to one another, and given the chequered history of religion and science this is perhaps understandable. Examples such as the incarceration of Galileo, the Scope

    Published May - June 2011 - Stephen Pant

    My Treasure Jars

    I can only imagine how I would feel if I knew I only had seventy-two hours to live. I grew up in the Appalachian Mountains and though I am forty-five years old their beauty still amazes me. The lush greens in the Spring and Summer

    Published May - June 2011 - Belinda Sturgill

    It's Us Peter, Your Salivary Glands

    Sometimes, when you get mad at someone, you feel like spitting in his/her face. But you should know that saliva is not a worthless liquid to be wasted by spitting. It’s not at all like the material you discard from your kidneys

    Published May - June 2011 - Irfan Yilmaz

    Tying Altruistic Work to Personalities

    Question: What would you say about tying some altruistic work to certain individuals?

    The place of some individuals in altruistic work cannot be denied; however, individuals are not all there is to this work. Per

    Published May - June 2011 - Hikmet Isik

    When it comes to fighting flu, gut bacteria are on our side

    1- When it comes to fighting flu, gut bacteria are on our side
    Original Article: Ichinohe T. et al., PNAS (published online before print 2011).

    Influenza, also known as seasonal flu, affects up to 5 million

    Published May - June 2011 - The Fountain