Issue 88

  • Exhibitions

    Travel has never been easier than today, and growing numbers of passengers are filling airports and bus terminals for long-distance journeys. If one cannot afford the fare, it is possible to make a virtual tour of a faraway countr

    Published July - August 2012 - The Fountain

    Dignifying Humanity

    Your essence is even loftier than angels.
    Hidden in you are spheres and compacted globes
    Mehmed Akif

    The human is the main subject of every philosophical and scientific view. Neither any philosophy n

    Published July - August 2012 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    Sneezing: An Alarm from the Body

    With its capacity to sense smells and prepare air for the lungs, the nose offers a feast of wisdom for appreciative minds. The nose is a very important organ which is assigned with the task of protecting the whole body and helping

    Published July - August 2012 - Adem Arikanli

    Values in Education: Democratic Values

    "Sentences are correct if you are right."
    Yunus Emre

    People need to understand the values, ideas and practices in their society. Values relate to our purpose in life and are used as guiding principles. Hen

    Published July - August 2012 - Omer Ahmet Sarimurat

    The Wonderful Octopus

    Taking its place among the world's short-lived mollusks, the octopus is a fantastic sea animal with intelligent behavior. Despite its smooth and soft skin, it has a hard beak and its tongue is like a file. They can move fast by br

    Published July - August 2012 - Ahmet Nazif Canoglu

    A present of The Presence through three dripping snow-cones

    "I want to start fasting this year during the month of Ramadan" she said with a serious tone of voice, as determined as a five-year-old girl could be. It was their family custom to bring up important issues around the dinner tabl

    Published July - August 2012 - Ayse K. Coskun

    Organized Industry in Cells: ER

    An important characteristic of animate structures in the micro-pages of nature unseen by the naked eye is being able to fit intricate and convoluted broad surfaces into a small area or volume. Fitting in surfaces with very broad u

    Published July - August 2012 - Hilmi Celaloglu

    Yaqin (Certainty)

    Yaqin (certainty) means having no doubt about the truth of a matter and arriving at accurate, doubt-free knowledge through exact verification. Used also to mean verification, seeking certainty, examining, and exerting strenuous ef

    Published July - August 2012 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    All of Your Beautiful Names

    O Allah
    I know You say
    There is no compulsion in religion
    But I don't want this freedom
    Any longer
    You can have it
    And me as well
    Only teach me to count
    One and one and one is one
    And g

    Published July - August 2012 - Jacob Winkler

    ... and a Rock Falls

    I am watching the little tree illuminated by the sunlight penetrating through the other grown trees. Aside from the hushing of the leaves, I hear the sporadic whizzes of cars. The v-shaped valley and the dry streambed in the middl

    Published July - August 2012 - Sermed Ogretim

    The Breast Milk: A Wonderful Food for the Baby

    Researches on the complex, multi-dimensional, and dynamic natured organisms reveal new findings and beauties pertaining to creation. Recent researches made in relation to various aspects of the breast milk have once more verified

    Published July - August 2012 - Hamza Aydin

    Thoughts on Science of Forecasting

    Making predictions is an active form of decision-making people do all the time mostly without even being aware. When the bell rings, we guess that there is someone behind the door waiting for us to come. Producers try to predict t

    Published July - August 2012 - Ertugrul Deniz

    The Butterfly Mosque: Building a Bridge

    G. Willow Wilson openly states in her work, The Butterfly Mosque, "When videos of angry men in beards flooded the airwaves, claiming their religion was incompatible with the decadent West, I believed them" (Wilson 19). As studies

    Published July - August 2012 - Jessica Danielle Phillips

    Birth through Belly?

    Considering the way human beings are born, some people believe that there can be a "fault" in the design of human body. It is asserted that some normal births cause too much pain for women and cause certain disabilities. According

    Published July - August 2012 - Arslan Mayda

    Significance of Philanthropic Institutions in Ottoman Social Life

    "Waqf 1 is a social, legal and religious institution which played an important role in social, cultural and economic life of the Islamic world, especially the Turkic world of the Seljuk and Ottoman period."2 A key function of Isla

    Published July - August 2012 - Osman Senkaya

    Her Heavenly Abode... A letter to a friend far away

    Sometimes, to say goodbye to someone you love is quite impossible. It is easier to say "see u later" instead. But at a certain time in your life, there comes a moment when you have to face it. You have to let go of someone you d

    Published July - August 2012 - Pervisha Khan

    Action in the Service of God and Community

    Question: What is the secret of being a person of constant action in the service of God in accordance with the conditions of today? What are the possible means of keeping this spirit consistent?

    We can consider being ac

    Published July - August 2012 - Hikmet Isik

    What do mosquitoes do when it’s raining?

    What do mosquitoes do when it's raining?
    Mosquitoes like climates with high humidity and rainfall. While a single raindrop can weigh 50 times as much as a mosquito, how can mosquitos fly and survive under what seems to

    Published July - August 2012 - The Fountain