Issue 9

  • Trusteeship In A Just World Order

    The beginning of the 1990s brought talk of a New World Order. Expectations were raised. The world was to be rebuilt on new principles and justice was to be established universally. Years have now passed and expectations have not b

    Published January - March 1995 - K. Baslar

    The Awaited Generation

    We have long been awaiting a generation, with hearts as pure and kind as angels, with will-power strong enough to overcome the most formidable obstacles, and minds keen enough to solve all the problems of the age. Had it not been

    Published January - March 1995 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    Putting Plutonium Back In The Bottle

    How much plutonium is being smuggled around the world? What would happen if plutonium was more widely available? Is there sufficient control over nuclear stockpiles?

    In May 1994, the world received a shock when 6 grams

    Published January - March 1995 - A. Joseph

    Understanding Dreams

    Are dreams merely electro-chemical currents passing through the brain? Is there meaning to be found in what we see while asleep at night? Is waking reality any more “real’ than sleeping reality? Does oneirology, the art of int

    Published January - March 1995 - A. Fredericks

    The Cry Of The Nightingale

    ,At the moment when flowers are dancing,
    The nightingale sings in gardens secluded.
    Each of its tunes sounds like the whistling wind
    To those seen as foreigners in their native land.

    It cries, like my cea

    Published January - March 1995 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    A Commentary On The Contemporary World

    Vision Of Light

    In the holy month of Ramadan, I experienced, in a different mood, one of the many radiances of mystery of the light-diffusing verse, God is the light of the heavens and the earth. It is as follows

    Published January - March 1995 - Bediuzzaman Said Nursi

    Catastrophes Of The Earth

    It seems that almost everyday the media brings us news of a disaster and resultant death toll. These events occur throughout the world in various forms. Some results from man’s interaction with the highly artificial environment

    Published January - March 1995 - P. Allister

    Coping With Teacher Stress

    Occupational stress

    Working patterns have changed drastically over the last decade with few reaping the benefits of advances in technology. Occupational stress has become a fact of life in most professions. Rece

    Published January - March 1995 - Dr. R. Abaci

    Questions For Today

    Were the times of death of those who die in a disaster destined to be simultaneous?

    The appointed time of death is the end of the predetermined life-span of a living creature. This inevitable end-inevitable becau

    Published January - March 1995 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    Abdurrahman Ibn Avf

    He was one of the first eight persons to accept Islam and one of the ten assured of entering Paradise. He was one of the six persons chosen by Umar to form the council to choose the ruler after his death.

    His name in pr

    Published January - March 1995 - A. Hamid

    Tit For Tat

    A lesson based on a true story

    It was 1927. The warm days of spring had arrived in the beautiful village of Bark. The fine weather brought visitors from distant lands. One special guest would enjoy the long tran

    Published January - March 1995 - Y. Alan

    Islam & Science

    Polarization of Muslim opinion

    The relationship between Islam and Science has been a point of scholarly discussion for a long time. Seven hundred years ago, al-Ghazali expressed fears that some mathematical knowl

    Published January - March 1995 - A. Kiyimba

    Reincarnation Undressing The Fallacies

    Belief in some form of this doctrine of endless cycles of birth, death and re-birth, can be found in almost all societies, primitive or sophisticated. Variations in it exist according to the local and regional differences in faith

    Published January - March 1995 - M. Fethullah Gulen