Issue 91

  • 1993-2013

    This year marks a delightful turn of a new era for The Fountain. Two decades have past since the release of our first issue, and just like in day one, The Fountain is filled with as much vigor and hope to continue to overflow for

    Published January - February 2013 - The Fountain

    The Heart

    The heart is humanity’s most essential feature and its greatest treasure. It is the expression of our spiritual existence, the source of our feelings and beliefs, and the pathway to our soul’s ultimate depths. Those who walk

    Published January - February 2013 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    Fasting in Abrahamic Faiths

    “O you who believe! Prescribed for you is the Fast, as it was prescribed for those before you, so that you may deserve God’s protection and attain piety.”1 Fasting is an ancient practice whose purpose and benefit span acr

    Published January - February 2013 - Joseph Clay

    Meet Molecular Motors: The Cargo Transporters in the Microcosm

    They are tiny, and there are billions of them inside you. Tiny machines, one thousand times thinner than a hair strand but strong enough to carry all kinds of material within your cells. Yes, there is a complex army of tiny mac

    Published January - February 2013 - Ali Fethi Toprak

    Revitalization that Comes with Change

    What is the reason behind the calamities and disasters that take place in our world?
    Why do people have to struggle with illnesses and many other hardships during their lives?
    How can the All-Merciful God allow harm

    Published January - February 2013 - Harun Emre Berk

    Future of Computer Technology

    It was only a decade ago that a phenomenon called the “Internet” came along and changed the way we communicated, did business and conducted our lives. Now, computer technology has become an essential and significant part of

    Published January - February 2013 - Halil I. Demir

    Touched by a Small Kindness

    When a professor of Turkish language and literature is met by Turkish hospitality during a short stopover, she realizes how much the world is in need of small

    I was sitting at my desk, listening to professor Adal

    Published January - February 2013 - Mirkena Ozer

    The Lotus Effect: A Manifestation of Divine Purity

    The lotus, a radiant and graceful aquatic plant with a magnificent ability to repel dirt, has been the inspiration behind a range of self-cleaning and dirt-repelling technologies. Now a registered trademark, the “Lotus Effect

    Published January - February 2013 - Bill Sayoran

    Helping Hands

    With half the world living on less than $2.50 per day and with 46.2 million people
    in the United States living below the poverty line, poverty is a growing concern.

    The United States is known all ove

    Published January - February 2013 - Sevim Karabulut

    The Mysteries of the Fundamental Physical Dimensions

    “The most beautiful system [the universe] could only proceed
    from the dominion of an intelligent and powerful Being.”
    Isaac Newton

    The Newtonian physics, quantum mechanics, and the theory of rel

    Published January - February 2013 - Ali Sebetci

    Responses to Conflict in Individualistic and Collectivistic Societies

    Cultural differences have a potential to trigger conflicts at all levels, and the response each society gives to these conflicts depend on what they hold most dear as a foundational norm: independent existence of individuals or

    Published January - February 2013 - Osman Senkaya

    The Cell Phone-Brain Cancer Controversy

    In recent years, people have been divided by conflicting studies about the risk of cancer posed by cell phone radiation. Does the current conflicting research eradicate or support the cell phone-cancer controversy?

    Published January - February 2013 - Jason Newfoundland

    Moderation as a Way to Address Prejudice

    Of all the faculties and senses that man is endowed with, moderation is one of the most essential virtues. Moderation concerns all people within society, and can become an unattainable virtue unless all members of society have

    Published January - February 2013 - Taufik Mohammad

    Can Black Holes Cause an Apocalypse?

    The world may not have ended on December 21, 2012, but that does not mean it won’t end at all. So what will be the force that will disperse this robust system of ours, rendering all forces including gravity obsolete, and forc

    Published January - February 2013 - Osman Cakmak

    The Source of Love

    Man and the universe was created because of love and it can only be understood through love...
    Love is a part of every being and a power which can resist and overcome every force...
    Love is what elevates

    Published January - February 2013 - Musa Ilhan

    Little Professor Syndrome

    Autism—and its milder cousin Asperger’s—affects 1 in 150 children across
    the US. Speculation goes that people like Albert Einstein, Benjamin Franklin, Leonardo da Vinci,
    William Shakespeare and Ibn al-Haytham

    Published January - February 2013 - Safiye Arslan

    Science Square

    Bats are the only mammals that are able to fly and they make up almost one quarter of
    all mammal species on earth. These amazing creatures are free from most diseases and
    live exceptionally longer when compared to other

    Published January - February 2013 - Louia Cunningnam

    Basira and Firasa

    iterally meaning perception, intelligence, discretion, evidence, and witness, insight (basira) is defined as having an eye of the heart open, deep perception, an ability to see consequences at the beginning of an act, or foresight

    Published January - February 2013 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    The Nature Of The Self

    The ego1 is basically what we call the essence of human nature with qualities that are prone for goodness and evil. God Almighty has placed both good and evil feelings and emotions in our nature. In this respect, we can be both an

    Published January - February 2013 - Hikmet Isik

    Rise Up

    Rise up, valiant one, stop sleeping!
    Rise up, because my heart is lamenting…
    During the days having passed without you,
    I went back over the yesterdays,
    Grieving all the while, and saddened
    Since you had

    Published January - February 2013 - M. Fethullah Gulen