Issue 93

  • A Very High Peak To Climb

    On Sunday, I requested a friend of mine to babysit my two young boys so I could attend my cousin’s wedding. A few days later, I called the same friend, this time so I could attend the funeral of my dear aunt. The paradox of life

    Published May - June 2013 - The Fountain

    Souls of Immortality

    Immortal souls always preserve their vitality, and in every season, they show a different sign of life. They never wither or fade away; they never lose their vigor. Neither the setting sun or the fading moon, nor the passing days

    Published May - June 2013 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    Cancer: Cellular Anarchy

    Cancer is a complex disease, claiming millions of lives every year. There is no single type of cancer. However, all types of cancer have one thing in common—anarchy. It is noteworthy and insightful to compare micro-worlds to mac

    Published May - June 2013 - Ali Fethi Toprak

    From Mexican Jumping Beans to Cyborg Plants

    According to Merriam Webster, cybernetics is the science of communication and control theory that is particularly concerned with the comparative study of automatic control systems, such as the nervous system, brain and mechanical-

    Published May - June 2013 - Safiye Arslan

    Cooking and World Peace

    In the summer of 2007, I traveled to Turkey for ten days as a member of an International Interfaith Dialogue (IID) group from Little Rock, AR. The tour included sightseeing at various historical sites, a visit to Ankara, the capit

    Published May - June 2013 - Kinko Ito

    The Wisdom Behind the Crumbling of Rocks

    The earth is composed of huge and interdependent masses of rocks. We can only comprehend this during rock formations that occur as a result of the earth’s tectonic movements. The rock masses that make up the earth contains vario

    Published May - June 2013 - Yusuf Goker

    Islamic Philosophy of Science

    Attempting to answer questions of agency, causality and universality from an Islamic perspective is called the “Islamic philosophy of science.” In answering these questions from an Islamic perspective, there are hundreds of ve

    Published May - June 2013 - Eren Tatari - Yamina Mermer

    A Slap on the Beach

    The tropical Kamilo Beach on the Big Island of Hawaiian Archipelago should be a scenic place with white sands and crystal clear waters. However it is laden with tons of human made objects that have floated across the ocean and bee

    Published May - June 2013 - Erhan Yenilmez

    Qurb and Bu'd (Nearness and Remoteness)

    Nearness (qurb) means that one transcends corporeality in order to acquire perfect spirituality and proximity to God. Some interpret it as God's proximity to His servants; however, this is not accurate. God is near to His servants

    Published May - June 2013 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    Recurring DNA in Genome Structure

    A genome is a data book or registry which records the past and future of living organisms. It dynamically and simultaneously stores hereditary and biological information in three different hierarchical levels belonging to three di

    Published May - June 2013 - Hamza Aydin

    Butterfly Effect

    You had to build the cocoon as your sanctuary
    In order to find your new self in tranquility
    As you transformed, the sanctuary became the enemy
    Demolishing your home turned out to be your first duty


    Published May - June 2013 - Sermed Ogretim

    A Subject of the Divine Promises: Ishmael

    The family story of Ishmael is one of the ten family histories into which the book of Genesis is arranged. This history of Ishmael shows the fulfillment of the promises made by his parents regarding him, and how his mother Hagar h

    Published May - June 2013 - Fatih Harpci

    Don’t Let Me Down

    As we enjoy and appreciate so many things in life, hair is usually among the blessings most of us take for granted. Although it might be difficult a task to “count your blessings” in the literal sense, one can still pay tribut

    Published May - June 2013 - Arslan Mayda

    Nanomedicine : A Novel Paradigm to Medicine

    Nowadays, we have been accustomed to hear “nano-something,” and we hardly pay any attention to what this really means to us in our daily life. From the perspective of material science, nanoscience or nanotechnology deals with

    Published May - June 2013 - Ibrahim Yildiz

    Questioning Techniques and Wait Time

    Socrates is the first known philosopher to have used questioning in a systematic way with an ethical purpose in mind. Famous Socratic dialogue takes place between Socrates and Meno in which they discuss human virtue—whether or n

    Published May - June 2013 - Alpaslan Sahin

    Historical Recurrences

    Question: Taking into account the notion that history repeats itself, how should we view recent incidents and events that are taking place in our world today?

    Indeed, the world has once again stepped into a zone o

    Published May - June 2013 - Hikmet Isik

    Science Square

    Wright GA et al. Caffeine in Floral Nectar Enhances a Pollinator's Memory of Reward. Science, 2013; 339 (6124): 1202
    Caffeine is thought to be a repellent defense chemical in the plant kingdom but a recent study showed for t

    Published May - June 2013 - The Fountain