Issue 94

  • Immigration in the World and in the Soul

    Are you an immigrant? You may ask: who is not an immigrant? Recent statistics show that there are currently over 200 million immigrants in the world. However, this figure only reflects people who have moved to a new country. What

    Published July - August 2013 - The Fountain

    The Enigma of Time

    Under no circumstances can it be said that any nation possesses a greater authority than others with respect to physical power or spiritual values. However, when it comes to managing time and utilizing every second as if they were

    Published July - August 2013 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    New Nuclear Methods for Medical Diagnosis and Treatment

    As we pass through life, we encounter several mental and physical illnesses. Given our physical make-up, we are vulnerable to various diseases and microbes. When our immune system goes down, we easily get the flu, cold and other v

    Published July - August 2013 - Cihan Kara

    Organizational Commitment

    Ever wondered why some people we work with go above and beyond workplace expectations while others hardly meet the minimum requirements? Or why some people work at one organization for a lifetime while others tend to change jo

    Published July - August 2013 - Alptekin Kavi

    I Am an Immigrant

    I have come to the conclusion that life is a great irony. More specifically, human life is a great irony. Other organisms do not give themselves options. They fight for survival, they jump at every opportunity, and they explor

    Published July - August 2013 - Joanna Bodnar

    Cadherin and Catenin: The Nut and Bolt System of Cells

    The human body is a great system made up of complex materials and tools. The molecular systems keep cells, tissues, organs, thus the entire system glued together. Just as we would not have been able to develop complex machines and

    Published July - August 2013 - Kadir Can

    On Language and Man

    “What a curious thing speech is! The tongue is so serviceable a member (taking all sorts of shapes just as it is wanted) – the teeth, the lips, the roof of the mouth, all ready to help; and so heap up the sound of the voic

    Published July - August 2013 - Seyfi Agirel

    Turning on the Labyrinth of Chartres

    Last year in March, I was able to accomplish a wish that I had been holding for a long time: I walked the labyrinth of the Cathedral of Chartres in France.

    It was not my first walk on a labyrinth. That one had been on o

    Published July - August 2013 - Katharine Branning

    Can a Filling Imitate a Tooth?

    Teeth may lose their hard structure because of decay or various other reasons. The loss of the dental tissues raises many problems such as bad appearance in the mouth and weakening in the capability to chew. A dentist is expected

    Published July - August 2013 - Mehmet Yildiz

    Water a Fine Balance of Life

    “Water is everywhere around us and in us, tangible as sweat, visible as the high seas, invisible as the envelope of earth’s life-protecting atmosphere, and essential as blood. Water provides the matrix of our conception an

    Published July - August 2013 - Hamza Aydin

    Ma'rifa (Spiritual Knowledge of God)

    Ma‘rifa literally denotes skill or talent, a special ability that belongs to certain people, and knowing by certain means. According to travelers on the path of God, it is the station where knowing is united with the one who kno

    Published July - August 2013 - M. Fethullah Gulen

    Passive Aggression A Bleeding Wound in Our Spiritual Life

    “What did she mean with that look? Was she upset with the mess I left behind home? Is she angry with me?” Passive-aggression is frustrating to most people because it is not as easily identifiable or unacceptable as punchin

    Published July - August 2013 - Hasan Aydinli

    Exploding Stars Supernovas

    What is a supernova?
    The life of a star is affected by two main factors: while gravitational forces pull the gas contained in the star towards the center, pressure that is generated by the nuclear fusion which takes pl

    Published July - August 2013 - Nuri Balta

    The Convivencia in Islamic Spain

    For a period of almost four centuries, when Medieval Spain was ruled by the Moors, the believers in Judaism, Christianity, and Islam lived together in peace and harmony. La Convivencia refers to this coexistence. For over 400 year

    Published July - August 2013 - Sarah-Mae Thomas

    Ascencion to His Mercy

    As the water of ablution trickles down my face
    Anticipation overwhelms me in the presence of His Grace
    Cleansed is my body, before the purification of my soul

    Ascension to His Mercy is my objective and my goal

    Published July - August 2013 - Musa Ilhan

    "The Runners" and Motor Vehicles

    The Qur’an points out scientific facts and wonders of technology in a variety of ways. Sometimes it states directly in plain terms that require little or no interpretation, sometimes it uses figures of speech and metaphors, and

    Published July - August 2013 - Sefik Hikmet Toprak

    The Worst of all Tribulations

    Question: It is reported that the Prophet Muhammad, peace be upon him, said, “Those afflicted with the severest trials and tribulations are the Prophets, followed by those (friends of God and righteous ones) in order of their r

    Published July - August 2013 - The Fountain

    Science Square

    Gettıng Help from Cows to Treat Human Dıseases
    Humans have been raising cows for their meat and milk for thousands of years. A new study suggests that our humble friends have even more to offer than basic sustenance

    Published July - August 2013 - The Fountain